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Apex Legends Mobile will be available on May 17th

Newsroom May 16, 2022
There is a release date for Apex Legends Mobile finally!
Reports about Apex Legends Mobile’s revenue!
How the game feels and looks!

Several years since we first learned that EA and Respawn Entertainment would bring their battle royale shooter to mobile devices, Apex Legends Mobile has a global release date of May 17th for Android and iOS. The game's beta testing began over a year ago and has gradually grown to include more players globally, but its limited regional launch phase has now ended. If you're curious about what devices it will support, check out this FAQ from the beta.

EA isn't ready to release additional information, but beta testers have seen a game that appears to be similar to what players will see on PCs and consoles. In an earlier trailer released for the regional release, you can see how the game has been altered for mobile play and get a sense of the touch-optimized abilities that are available.

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Players will recognize the various legends, three-player squad action, and maps as they make the shift to mobile — and, of course, it's still free to play. Whereas the main game just-released season 13 on Tuesday with a new hero, Newcastle, as well as other updates, the Apex Legends Mobile debut trailer shows it will begin its own run with season 1. The mobile application will also have its own features, such as particular modes and social integration.

Live service games like Apex Legends are a significant part of EA's business; the company stated in its earnings report this week that the category accounts for a massive chunk of its income, with over $4.998 billion in revenue over the last year. According to a similar prediction from Activision Blizzard in February, Call of Duty Mobile will generate more than $1 billion in sales by 2021, so you can understand why this launch is so significant.

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In the run-up to the game's launch, the team is offering pre-registration prizes depending on the number of people who sign up, which customers may unlock by entering their information for the Android version or details for its iOS release.

Well, that is all for this article. We hope you are as hyped for this game as we all are!

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