COD Mobile World Championship 2022 will soon begin.

Credits to Call of Duty. COD Mobile World Championship 2022 will soon begin.

ALMGHTY and Omega Esports will be there at COD Mobile World Championships 2022!

Newsroom Sep 23, 2022

In this blog, we will be looking into all the teams who have been qualified to the COD Mobile World Championships 2022.

ALMGHTY and Omega Esports have been qualified from the Eastern Region.
The teams from China are yet to be decided.

The COD Mobile World Championships is definitely going to be a massive event in the COD Esports community. The COD Mobile World Championship is going to be a grand event, with teams from all over the world participating in the tournament.  This is of course, a huge deal for after this Championship, we will get to know who is the best team in the COD Mobile. We are already in the last stage of the COD Mobile World Championships, and we absolutely cannot keep calm about it! In this news blog, we will be seeing who has got in from the Eastern region of the world.

Who is the Winner of the COD Mobile Garena Finals?

Well, the COD Mobile Garena Finals was quite the match to witness, for people were quite hyped to see who is finally going to qualify for the World Championships, and represent the region on such a huge platform. Well, as many of them expected, the winner was none other than ALMGHTY and they had won the title with much credibility. Not only this, Omega Esports will also join the Championships list even though they came in second. This was indeed quite the match to witness.

Credits to Sporstkeeda. ALMGHTY is the winner of the Regionals.

ALMGHTY was in the Group A, and along with them were ABC, and Blacklist Gaming. Many of the fans were quite sure to see Blacklist Gaming going to the World Championships. However, they did not survive against ALMGHTY, and were thrown in the Lower Brackets. Here, they were faced against Omega Esports. Unfortunately, they could not go through the match, and Omega Esports faced ALMGHTY in the Grand Finals.

Though the Grand Finale was an intense match, it seemed that it was almost impossible to defeat ALMGHTY, and they won the tournament, to be qualified in the World Championships. As the rule has it, the top two teams are going to get qualified for the Worlds.

This video might interest you:

Which other teams are going to be there in the World Championships?

As Stage 5 is almost close to bein done, we already know the maximum of teams that are going to participate from different regions. Here is the list:

  • Tribe Gaming ( North America)
  • UN Dream (North America)
  • NYSL Mayhem (North America)
  • Nova Esports (Europe)
  • Animus (Europe)
  • Limitless Esports (Europe)
  • Inko Gaming (Brazil)
  • Skade (Brazil)
  • Influence Chemin (Brazil)
  • Animus (Europe)
  • Limitless Esports (Europe)
  • GodLike (India)
Credits to Parimatch. Godlike Esports.
  • Team Vitality (India)
  • ALMGHTY (Singapore)
  • Omega Esports (Philippines)

We are only left to get the teams from China, after which the COD Mobile World Championships 2022 will begin!

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