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All Valorant Agents and Abilities explained

Community Jun 21, 2022

Agents in Valorant have special talents that compliment gunplay while also providing strategic advantages. All of the Agents and their powers that have been revealed so far are listed in this guide.

Valorant is Riot Games' first competitive shooter game, and it combines the ruthlessness of Counter-Strike with the character-based gameplay of Overwatch or Team Fortress 2.

Each Agent in Valorant has their own set of powers that are meant to help them rather than to overwhelm their opponents. You'll lock in an Agent for the duration of a match, and then buy skills based on your team's economic situation.

We'll go over each Valorant Agent we've seen so far and break down all of their abilities in the sections below.

Valorant Agents

Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter game where each player plays as a character called an “agent”.

There are currently eighteen agents in the game: Astra, Breach, Brimstone, Chamber, Cypher, Jett, Kay/O, Killjoy, Neon, Omen, Phoenix, Raze, Reyna, Sage, Skye, Sova, Viper, and Yoru.

Each agent possesses four distinct skills (including one ultimate). So far, the agent skills range from traditional utility from realistic shooters like flashbangs and smoke grenades to magical/futuristic-themed powers like conjuring walls and radar-like sonic arrows.

How Valorant abilities work

In each round, each character is given a free ability to use. The two non-ultimate abilities must be bought at the gun store during the buy phase, just like a grenade in Counter-Strike.

This means that they have a limited number of uses, and players should use them sparingly. You can't spam abilities on cooldown as you can in Overwatch.

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Finally, you'll need a set number of skill points to unleash an ultimate. Skill points can be obtained by grabbing them across the map (giving one to each team member), earning them through kills (1 kill Equals 1 point), or earning them passively with each round.

How to unlock Valorant characters

Some starter agents will be available, but others will require progression/battle pass unlocking. The system will most likely be similar to League of Legends' blue essence.

Valorant Characters


Source: Playvalorant

Astra appeared as one of Valiant's most unusual agents due to her ability to put herself anywhere on the map.

She's a controller who can set up her squad using smokes, stuns, and black holes and play the game like a chess match.


Source: Playvalorant

The breach is built to be a leader who excels at breaking down walls and opponents who are positioned to hold chokepoints.

His mechanics traverse the ground and the map in order to CC and kill enemies.


Source: Playvalorant

Brimstone is a tactical commando with a wide range of talents, including the ability to use the minimap. He has the ability to drop smoke grenades, Molotov-like napalms, buff ally agents with extra firepower, and launch an airstrike.


Source: Playvalorant

Chamber serves as a sentinel, but when compared to his peers, he is by far the most violent. His Rendezvous (teleport) ability allows him to peep dangerous angles and uncover opening picks for his team; he can often get away with it if he teleports quickly enough.



Cypher is a master spy who uses his camera and trip wires to obtain information. He's great on defence since he can hold a lot of ground on his own, but he can also help on offence by limiting flank routes and making defusing a deal easier.


Source: Gfinity Esports

Jett is Valorant's most mobile agent, which makes her an ideal duelist, especially with her knife ultimate.

She doesn't have much value outside of a smoke grenade, although she can rush to engage/disengage and use her boost jump to get to high places.


Source: Engadget

Due to his "Suppression" powers, which prohibit opponent agents from using their abilities, KAY/O is a crucial asset to any team. He also has a flash and molly, as well as a powerful engage ultimate that allows his teammates to resurrect him after he has died for a limited period of time.


Source: Daily Express

Killjoy is a German mastermind with a vast arsenal of turrets, mines, and traps at his disposal.

She is the only agent that can disarm her foes and gives an enormous amount of intelligence collecting and area control.


Source: Roccat

Neon can sprint across any map quickly and thrives on catching adversaries off guard by quickly repositioning herself. Her slide also allows her to engage in a way that makes her difficult to trace and gun down. Unlike most duelists who are fairly self-sufficient when it comes to fagging, Neon's all-in-type playstyle works better when Initiator and Controller utility are combined.


Source: Sportskeeda

Omen is a flanker who uses teleports to penetrate behind enemy lines and strike from unusual angles. He has a smoke grenade and another skill that allows him to pass through walls and impair foes' view.


Source: Moro Esports

Phoenix is a pyromancer with a high-octane playstyle who uses fire to influence the combat flow. He may use them to build barriers, as flashbangs around corners, and as an AoE Molotov, among other things.

He has an ultimate that matches his name because he can activate it, battle and die, and then resurrect where he first activated it.



Sage is currently Valorant's only "healer" with a defensive kit, including a healing orb that she can employ on herself or an ally.

She can use ice abilities to delay and block her opponents (her ice wall can also be used to boost allies to high ground).

With a resurrection, she boasts one of the most powerful ultimates in the game.


Source: Talk Esports

An initiate who can supply her team with a wealth of information via her animals. When located, her dog may clear out spaces and concuss opponents; it works in a similar way to Sova's Owl Drone in terms of clearing space.

Her flashes can be set off very quickly, making them difficult to avoid even at high elo. Not only that, but her flash, along with her Seekers, is an excellent information gatherer. She's a combination of an Initiator and a Supporter who can assist her squad by engaging, scouting, and healing.

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