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All the Legends explained in Apex Legends Mobile!

Strategy May 26, 2022

It's been quite some time since Apex Legends Mobile was released, and now people are trying to get the maximum amount of information possible before getting into the whole game, and trying it out. If you are completely new to the game, then it is sure that you will need some extra help. However, for those who have already played the game in PC and console versions, they just need to get used to the mobile controls and nothing else. In today’s blog, we will be getting into all the Legends that are available in Apex Legends Mobile and their abilities.

List of Legends Available in the Apex Legends Mobile

There are only 10 Legends that are available in the mobile version of them, including one exclusive Legend. They are:


If you like to play off information or would like to assess information and then go help strategize and form plans with your teammates, then BloodHound is the Legend for you. The abilities are:

  • Tracker: This is the passive ability with the help of which you will get a special vision through which you will be able to see any tracks that have been left by your enemy. Imagine you are in a specific area. You can scan the area to find out how long your enemy crossed that area and what path they took.
  • Eye of the Allfather: This is the tactical ability through which BloodHound helps to reveal any sort of traps, wires, or even hidden enemies, and sometimes even clues for the teammates if they are in front of any structure.
  • Beast of the Hunt: This ultimate ability gives a huge speed boost to BloodHound, and also monochrome vision. This means that all the areas will turn black and white, and the hidden enemies and their traps will turn red to warn you about the dangers in the area.


If you want to play a bit aggressively and tackle enemies from the front, then you must go for Banglore. She is an extremely aggressive player, with whom you can actually push the enemies, and also escape easily if you want. Her abilities include:

  • Double Time: The passive ability gives her a 30% movement boost. This means you can either get into a range extremely fast, or you can escape a dangerous situation and confuse your enemies for a short time. However, the ability lasts for only 2 seconds, which means you have to do some quick thinking and then use this ability.
  • Smoke Launcher: This tactical ability gives Bangalore a smoke canister, which when she throws it, creates a thick smoke wall. This will confuse your enemies as it will partially impair their vision. You can either sneak up on them or even get out of sticky situations using the smoke wall.
  • Rolling Thunder: This ultimate ability is the main reason why Bangalore is considered to be an extremely strong Legend in the game. She can call up an artillery strike on the area she wishes to, and gradually the whole landscape of that area gets destroyed. You can either fight her or you have to immediately flee that area.


If you are more of a support player, then you will feel comfortable with Octane. This Legend will give you some fast movements, and a lot of healing capabilities, the abilities are:

  • Swift Mend: This passive ability is a healing ability where Octane can heal anyone for a certain period of time. He will take 1 second to heal per HP.
  • Stim: This tactical ability will require you to be extremely careful. You will get a 30% increase in speed in your movements, but at the cost of your health. Hence, you need to be very careful when you are using this ability in front of your enemies, as you will be quite vulnerable too.
  • Jump Pad: This is one of the most fun ultimate abilities in the game right now! Octane can pull up a jumping pad in mid-air, and the whole team can catapult on the pad to reach a certain area. This helps in a lot of ways and is fun too!


If you want to get into the defensive side of the game, then Gibraltar would be the perfect match for you. He is not just a defensive character but could be considered quite a strong defensive Legend, who is capable of going offensive too. His abilities are:

  • Gun Shield: Just as the name suggests, this passive ability helps him to block incoming bullets on his side.
  • Dome of Protection: This tactical ability does what its name suggests. He can set up a dome of protection which would protect his teammates from the enemies' bullets and even any sort of other attacks. Behind this dome, he can also help his teammates gain some health.
  • Defensive Bombardment:  As mentioned before, he can go offensive, and his ultimate ability is just that! He can create a mortar strike on any area he wants to, which creates a huge gap between you and your teammates, and the enemies.


If you do not like to be the aggressor, nor do you feel that you are ready to completely defend your team, then you can go for the role of a medic. Usually, when someone is new to the game, they are asked to start with Lifeline, as most abilities are related to healing:

  • Combat Revive: This passive ability helps Lifeline summon her D.O.C drone, which would help her teammates get revived anywhere on the map. This means that all you have to do is ask for help, and soon enough you will be revived.
  • D.O.C Heal Drone: The tactical ability, is similar to her passive ability. The only difference being, this time the drone will come over to heal and regain your health, and will not be able to revive you.
  • Care Package: With the help of her ultimate ability, she can summon a care package when she feels that the squad hardly has anything left on their side. The care package usually has items like shields, gun magazines, heals, and other defensive items.


Again, if you like to play off of information, then you might want to go for Pathfinder too. It is a robot and has abilities like:

  • Insider Knowledge: Through this passive ability, it will be able to scan the nearest survey beacon and tell when the next circle will be coming. This will give the team an idea on which they can plan their moves.
  • Grapple: This tactical ability is something that will help you to get out of sticky situations with ease. With the help of this ability, Pathfinder would just shoot a shot and the hook would be put up there, and one could get out.
  • Zipline Gun: This ultimate ability is similar to the previous one. It can create a zipline from point A to point B. With the help of the zipline, anyone can travel from one position to another extremely fast.


If you want to get in aggressively, bamboozle your enemies, and get out of the position as soon as possible, then Wraith is the best Legend you can go for in the game. Her abilities include:

  • Voices from the Void: This passive ability helps her to know when an enemy is looking at her or is targeting her.
  • Into the Void: With this tactical ability, Wraith can move from one position to another without any difficulty. However, one must exercise extreme caution when placing portals.
  • Dimensional Rift: Her ultimate ability helps her and her teammates travel from one position to another via a portal.


This is another defensive character, who makes sure that the team can escape the clutches of enemies easily, or can even surprise the enemies when they feel confident enough. Caustic’s abilities include:

  • Nox Vision: Caustic is mainly a Legend who deals with smoke. This passive ability will help him to see through his gas, and even the enemy caustic’s gas.
  • Nox Gas Trap: This tactical ability is quite a bit dangerous, as they are kind of like traps. Caustic has these gas canisters which he can plant anywhere. If you shoot them or even pass by them within a certain radius, they will blow up. These canisters are usually used at the border of the building and even inside the building to either trap the enemies or prevent them from getting in.
  • Nox Gas Grenade: His ultimate ability is not much different from the other abilities. He can throw a grenade which is filled with deadly gas and will cause damage to enemies in the area where it is thrown.


For those players who like to have a bit of fun and can also push the enemies quite aggressively, this is the Legend for them. His abilities include:

  • Now You See Me: This passive ability gives Mirage a cloak with which he can turn himself invisible for a short period of time. With the help of this, he can revive his fallen teammates.
  • Psyche Out: According to this tactical ability, he can send his hologram and a decoy that looks exactly like him but with limited energy to fool the enemies. Meanwhile, he can easily go behind them and surprise his enemies.
  • Life of the Party: His ultimate ability is a mixture of both of his other abilities. He can set out 5 decoys at the same time and can also be invisible for a short period of time. Hence, if you are playing Mirage, then you need to have some good strategies, as you will be getting a lot of time to surprise your enemies and take them out.


The new exclusive Legend for the mobile version is quite similar to Wraith. You will be able to fool your enemies quite a lot and easily too. His abilities include:

  • Slipstream: If you slide and then start running, this passive ability will give you a boost.
  • Flash Back: Through this tactical ability, Fade can travel back to his previous position easily.
  • Phase Chamber: This ultimate ability is quite defensive. The chamber is a caged one where anyone, whether, teammates or enemies, can go into a void for a few seconds. In this void, nobody can hurt anyone, and it will be just a waste of time for everyone. Hence, one can use this ability with a lot of different tactics.


These are the 10 Legends that have been released for the mobile version. There are plenty of other Legends who will be coming up with new seasons and updates. Hence, do make sure to keep an eye out for the new updates.

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