Credits to Free Fire Max's official Youtube Page. Another battle royale game that might soon be rising above BGMI and PUBG is Free Fire Max.

All the Game Modes in Free Fire Max

Community Jul 22, 2022

If you are new to Free Fire Max, or you are willing to try out the game finally, then you have come to the right place! In today’s blog, we will be getting into all the different game modes that are available in Free Fire Max. If you are just a beginner and feel quite lost with the game, we will be helping you out with some of the step-by-step guides that will not only help you to understand the game but also take you on the path of being a professional player, or at least make sure that you can easily rank up in the games.

Different Game Modes in Free Fire Max

Without wasting much time, let us get into the list of the different game modes that you can play in the game:

Battle Royale

Credits to gyanpie. This is the battle royale mode in the game.

Well, the classic mode of Free Fire Max is the battle royale mode. As you might know, battle royale functions on the basis, that the last one standing is the winner of the match. There is a circle or a zone that keeps closing in on the map, and you need to stay within the zone. If you get out of the zone, your health will keep deteriorating, and you might end up getting eliminated. Throughout the whole time, as you are trying to stay inside the zone, you will have to collect various resources, weapons, and ammo to ensure that you will be able to survive and fight your enemies as the zone closes in. When the zone keeps getting closer, you will find that the enemies seem to come closer, and you will have to engage in combat. You will also be provided with various loot and drops to keep replenishing your resources. Usually, this is a single-player mode, and you can play it all alone.

Clash Squad

Credits to Youtube. In the Clan Squad mode you can play with a squad.

This mode is quite different from the Battle Royale mode, and the Clash Squad is also known to be one of the more popular game modes in Free Fire Max. This is a 4v4 multiplayer mode where you need to form a team of four players, who are going to choose four characters. Then you will have to face your opponent's team, and fight it out with your abilities and aim. This is one of the quick game modes that does not take much time to complete. Hence, whenever you are in the mode of ranking up quickly or playing a few matches within a short period, you can call in your squad and get into either the ranked or unranked Clash Squad mode. This is also quite a good place where you can even practise your close-range combat.

You can also watch this video to understand things better:


Credits to Gizbot. Craftland is basically where you can make your own map.

This has to be one of the most fun game modes in Free Fire Max! Craftland was introduced some time ago, and the fans have loved it ever since! As the name might suggest, all you have to do in this game mode is to create your map, and you can then bring in your squad and start playing a Clash Squad. You can also try to make a Battle Royale map, even though that is usually quite a difficult one. This helps the players to use their imagination and also get more involved with the game by just playing a few maps that are given by the game developers. Hence, whenever you feel like trying out something different, make sure that you head to the Craftland game mode, and you will have more fun than any other game mode in the game.


These were the three game modes that are available in Free Fire Max. We hope that the game developers will come up with more game modes to make the game more interesting!

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