All the Details about CS: GO's ESL Challenger Melbourne!

Newsroom Aug 27, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into all the details of the CS:GO's ESL Challenger that you need to know before it starts on 2nd September!

CS: GO's ESL Challenger is going to be held in Melbourne.
The ESL Challenger will be starting from 2nd September till 4th September.
There are going to be 8 teams participating in the tournament.

It seems that there are tons of tournaments lined up for this year, and one of them is CS: GO’s most popular tournament, ESL Challenger. As any major CS: GO fan would tell you, this is one of the most awaited and popular tournaments in Esports, where only the best of the best teams go ahead to compete against each other. Hence, there would be no exception that even this year, the tournament would be held to find out who are the champions of Cs: Go. In this blog, we will be getting into the details of CS: GO’s ESL Challenger!

What is the ESL Challenger?

It is a yearly tournament that is held in various locations and brings together only the best of the best teams all across the world. The ESL Challenger has been known as the official tournament for CS: Go, and people always await the teams that are going to compete in it. Throughout the whole year, tons of regionals are held to find out which teams can be sent to the ESL Challengers, where the actual head or the Champion of CS: Go will be found.

Where is the ESL Challenger going to be held this year?

Credits to Mixdown Magazine. ESL Challenger to be held in Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne.

This year, the ESL Challenger will be held in Melbourne at the Rod Laver Arena. This is going to be an offline event, which is definitely going to be a huge welcome after so many years of Pandemic. You can even try to book tickets if you live near the area to support your favourite CS: Go teams, and cheer them up while they play in the tournament!

When is the ESL Challenger going to be held?

The ESL Challenger Melbourne is going to be held quite soon enough. The dates given for the tournament are September 2nd and September 4th. Only three days are given for the tournament, but we are not complaining at all. With the number of teams participating and wondering about how intense each match is going to be, there is no doubt that all the matches are going to be quite interesting and exciting to watch.

This video might be interesting for you:

How many teams are going to participate in the ESL Challenger?

Now for the main question, there are going to be 8 teams that are going to participate in the tournament. The teams have been divided into groups of 4 and put into two groups, Group A and Group B. In the first group, i.e., Group A, there are OG, Entropiq, Evil Geniuses, and Wings Up Gaming. In Group B, there are going to be Imperial Esports, paiN Gaming, ORDER, and VERTEX ESC.

Where to watch the ESL Challenger?

You can watch the ESL Challenger on every streaming platform, from Youtube, and Twitch to Facebook Gaming, on ESL’s account, and on CS: Go’s account. Hence, make sure to keep an eye out on the schedule, and tune in; so that you do not miss out on one of the most popular Cs: Go tournaments of all time!

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