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  • You will get a brief description of the maps available in BGMI.
  • Here are five maps that are there in BGMI and also there are some newly introduced maps in the game.
  • The main map Erangle has already been downloaded to your mobile.

Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) has five classic maps that give players enough options to choose the ones they like best. These maps are Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, Karakin, and Livik. Players have a great time playing Battle Royale, and to help them learn more about the maps, here is a comparison of all of BGMI's classic maps. To learn more about all the BGMI maps and choose the best one so you can always get chicken dinner when you jump out of the plane.

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Picture Courtesy: BGMI

List Of Maps Available In Battlegrounds Mobile India

Players can choose from 5 BGMI Mobile battle royale maps when it comes. These are the five maps for Battlegrounds Mobile India:

  • Erangel
  • Miramar
  • Sanhok
  • Livik
  • Karakin

Downloaded maps will be only Erangel by default to keep the game light. Miramar, Sanhok, Livik, and Karakin have to download them by themself if a player wants to. You won't be able to download and play Vikendi.

Battlegrounds Mobile India says that players will need at least 4GB of storage space to download all of the maps. Also, players can't do anything else while these maps are being downloaded.


Picture Courtesy: BGMI

Erangel was the game's first battle royale map and is also the most popular. The Russian island of Erangel is in the Black Sea. It used to be controlled by the Soviet army. The map shows a big main island and a small island in the South. There are two small bridges connecting these two islands.

Pochinki, Sosnovka Military Base, Georgopol, Rozhok, and Novorepnoye are the top five places to drop valuable items on the Erangel map.

Size: 8x8 km


Picture Courtesy: BGMI

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, Miramar is the largest map. Even though the map is the same size as Erangel, Miramar has more land. Miramar has a unique desert terrain and large urban areas. On the north and west sides of the map, giant mountains and a metal wall make it impossible for anyone to leave. Miramar was created with the theme of Mexico as a starting point.

Los Leones, Hacienda Del Patron, San Martin, Water Treatment, and El Pozo are some of the best places to drop in Miramar.

Size: 4x4 km

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Picture Courtesy: BGMI

Sanhok is a tropical island with islands and jungles that look like those in Thailand and the Philippines. It was Battlegrounds Mobile India's first small map. Sanhok is made up of three small islands connected by small rivers.

Reports say that Ruins, Pai Nan, Paradise Resort, Bootcamp, and Quarry are some of the best places to drop in Sanhok.

Due to the size of the map and the amount of loot, Sanhok moves much faster. On the map, there are a lot of small and medium-sized towns that are close to each other. The QBZ (which replaces the SCAR-L) and the QBU are unique to Sanhok (Mini 14 replacement).


Picture Courtesy: BGMI

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, Livik was the first map that was 2 km by 2 km. It has the same terrain as Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, and Vikendi. The Monster Truck, the P90 SMG, and the MK12 AR are all unique to Livik.

Shipyard, East Port, Blomster, the Power Plant, and Midstein are the top 5 places to get loot on the Livik map in BGMI.


Picture Courtesy: BGMI

The newest map for Battlegrounds Mobile India is Karakin. Karakin is a desert-like Miramar, but no big hills or valleys exist. Karakin has a massive network of underground tunnels.

As far as we know, Al Hayik, Bahr Sahir, Bashara, Al Habar, and Hadiqa Nemo are the best drops in Karakin.

Karakin's unique features are:

  • Instead of the Red Zone, there is the Demolition Zone. The Demolition Zone is much smaller, but buildings in the area where it explodes will be destroyed.
  • Frag Grenade has been changed to Sticky Bomb. Sticky Bombs are something that can stick to any surface and break through some walls and other obstacles.
  • The Panzerfaust rocket launcher is a weapon that they can only use once. It fires a rocket that explodes within a 6-meter radius.


Picture Courtesy: BGMI

BGMI Vikendi map best five drop locations after Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok; Vikendi is the fourth map to be added to BGMI. But they took the map out of the game at one point. It was added back in November of last year as part of an update. Users have asked for the map to be used in Esports tournaments since it came back.

Vikendi Map is a snow-covered island the same size as Sanhok Map. It is the only map of its kind in BattleGrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and PUBG. It is a small map with frozen water bodies, lots of loot, and unique vehicles. On this map, a player can see where an enemy has walked and mark where a car has been. The snowmobile, snow-bike, and Zima are vehicles that they can only find in Vikendi.

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