VCT Championships 2022 came to an end with a bang!

Credits to Spotskeeda. VCT Championships 2022 came to an end with a bang!

All about the VCT Championships 2022 Grand Finale!

Newsroom Sep 20, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into the match details between LOUD and OpTic Gaming for the VCT Grand Finale!

The VCT Championships 2022 was won by LOUD!
The match was held between LOUD and OpTic Gaming.
They have finally managed to put an end to the months of rivalry between both the teams.

The Valorant Championships 2022 just ended with a bang on September 18, 2022. Though all the Valorant fans are quite sad now for the VCT has come to an end, the Grand Finals had indeed left us shocked, and the rush from the tournament will still take time to settle down. In today’s news blog, we will be getting into all the details of the VCT Grand Finals, that you might have missed, and want to relive once again. There was no doubt that this was one of the best matches throughout the tournaments, with the two of the best teams going against one another.

Who went against whom in the Grand Finals?

If you have completely missed out on the VCT Championships 2022, then let us catch you up on it! The Grand Finale was between LOUD and OpTic Gaming. These two teams have always been quite feared for their aggressive playing styles, and the fans wondered what would happen when two aggressive teams are forced to face each other. Throughout the whole VCT set of tournaments, there were 5times when both these teams met, and when they finally met against each other in the Grand Finale, you already know that it was going to be a grand match. This was the final place where the teams would actually prove what they are capable of.

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Details of the VCT Grand Finale 2022

The result was to be declared on the basis of the best of five matches played throughout the day. Then came the voting of the maps. LOUD had banned the map Pearl and Fracture and then went ahead to choose Ascent and Breeze. For OpTic Gaming,  they went ahead to choose Bind and Haven. Icebox was to remain on the list. With the five maps all locked in, the match was started in Ascent.


When the match started on Ascent, fans were quite glued to their screens as the match was filled with twists and turns. LOUD was making good progress in the first half, however, in the second half when OpTic became the attackers, they immediately grabbed their opportunities, and succeeded in dominating LOUD in every possible way. However, LOUD was not that easy to be subdued and finally came through in the later rounds. The match reached overtime until LOUD secured a good victory with a 15-13 on the scoreboard. Hence, LUD got their first victory in the Finale.


It seemed like OpTic was not yet ready to give it up, and was going to give their all. They came back stronger in Bind with Yayy making sure to pull off frags, and bamboozling LOUD as much as possible. When the first half was concluded the scoreboard looked 10-2 which was quite disappointing for LOUD fans. However, in the second half, LOUD tried to fight back, but Yayy seemed to choke them successfully from making much progress at all. In the end, OpTic won the map with a 13-6 score on the board.


This was the map that LOUD had chosen, and made sure that they would claim the points back on their side. Though OpTic opened with the same vigour they had back in Bind, however, LOUD was quick to come back after a strategic timeout. They definitely managed to change their tactics real quick, for they just completely dominated OpTic in the next five rounds with Saadhak and Aspas. They surely managed to take the whole team to another level. It went to overtime, but still LOUD won the map with a 16-14, and another point to their scoreboard.


Now, this was the map for both of the teams. If LOUD wins this map, they become the winner. If OpTic wins the map, they go ahead to another map. This was the map that was chosen by OpTic and hence many fans were convinced that the score might go in OpTic’s favour. However, it seems that LOUD had something else planned and that nobody seemed to have guessed. LOUD has been adamant about getting their victory and started off clean in the first half. Though OpTic somehow managed to get a few rounds to themselves, the match kept looking very dicey, with the score in the first half as 7-5. However, once the second half came around, LOUD felt that they cannot give anything to their opponents, and went ahead with a 13-5 victory. This was indeed a breathtaking match, that the fans could not forget that easily! Hence, with a clean finish, LOUD went ahead to win the VCT Championships 2022 for the second time!

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