Credits to LOL Esports. Soon the MSI Semifinals will be held!

All About the MSI Rumble and the Results!

Newsroom May 24, 2022
The MSI Rumble is almost to an end, with the round of matches being held today.
After the Rumble, only four teams will be qualifying for the Semifinals.
Till now, RNG is the most dominating team throughout all the matches in the Rumble!

Those who are massive fans of League of Legends, or are in tune with all the news of the Esports world, will know that the MSI Rumble has been held for some time now. Soon enough, it will be time for the semifinals and finals of the tournament. As we come close to the end of the tournament, you might want to get all the updates so far. Hence, in today’s blog, we will be going over what has happened in the Rumble, and who could be going to the semifinals in this year's tournament.

When did the MSI Rumble Start?

If you are not yet up to date with what has been happening in the MSI this year, well, for the time being, the Rumbles are going on. The MSI Rumble started back on May 20 and is supposed to go on till May 24. Hence, we are already quite close to the semifinals, as you must have realised. These four days were some of the tensest and most thrilling for the LOL fans. All the matches were extremely close, and people even got to see some of the most unexpected twists and turns throughout the Rumble.

Credits to DOT Esports. MSI is being held in South Korea for the first time.

Which Teams Have Qualified for the Rumble?

This has to be the most important piece of information that anyone has come to read about. A total of six teams have qualified for the Rumble. Out of all the six teams, only four will be going to the semifinals. The six teams who had qualified for the Rumble were:

  • Royal Never Give Up
  • G2 Esports
  • T1
  • Evil Geniuses
  • PSG Talon
  • Saigon Buffalo
Credits to DOT Esports. Teams who were qualified for Rumble.

Details of the Matches

If you have missed the details of the matches, here is a quick update for you:

Day 1 (May 20)

The first day of the Rumble saw quite some good matches, and also some unexpected wins and losses. The matches were held according to this order

  • T1 vs G2- G2 took a point for themselves.
  • EG vs RNG- The winner was RNG without any doubt.
  • PSG vs Buffalo- PSG took home a point.
  • G2 vs RNG- Honestly, this was the most thrilling match of the day, and G2 won a point.
  • Buffalo vs EG- EG managed to take home a point.
  • PSG vs T1- T1 managed to win a point for themselves.
Credits to LoL esports. The last match of the day was between PSG and T1.

Day 2 (May 21)

After the tough matches on the first day itself, the second day seemed to bring new tactics and strategies:

  • G2 vs EG- Again, G2 managed to get the first win of the day.
  • RNG vs PSG- It seems to be that RNG is dominating the whole Rumble by now, with a point to their name.
  • T1 vs Buffalo- Again, T1 takes the win.
  • PSG vs EG- EG tries to redeem itself and earns a win.
  • RNG vs T1- Nobody seems to be coming anywhere near RNG, and they get a win again.
  • Buffalo vs G2- It seems that G2 is getting unstoppable too. There is no doubt that G2 and RNG will be tough competitors to handle.
Credits to LoL Esports. The last match of the day was Buffalo vs G2.

Day 3 (May 22)

This is the day when the two undefeatable teams are supposed to face each other, and everyone was quite excited about the whole match:

  • EG vs T1- After the huge blow from RNG, T1 seemed to come back stronger and took a point for themselves.
  • G2 vs PSG- This was honestly quite shocking as PSG easily took a win for themselves and left G2 in the dust.
  • RNG vs Buffalo- By now, RNG has already made a name for themselves, and they took home another point.
  • T1 vs PSG- Though PSG thought they could defeat T1, as they had defeated G2. It seemed that T1 were adamant about getting a point for themselves, and they won the match.
  • RNG vs G2- The most awaited match finally came to life, and in what seemed to be quite a tough and nail-biting match, RNG showed the world that they are capable of being undefeatable.
  • Buffalo vs EG- Unfortunately, Buffalo had been struggling from the very start of the Rumble, and had given EG another win.
Credits to LOL Esports. The last match of the day was between Buffalo and EG.

Day 4 (May 23)

This match has honestly been just crazy. Fans had gone wild, and they were still quite shocked with the results:

  • PSG vs G2- It seems that G2 could not manage to keep up, as PSG has managed to get a win for themselves again.
  • T1 vs EG- After last night’s win for T1, it seems that EG wanted to get their revenge and got a point for themselves.
  • RNG vs Buffalo- Once again, as expected, RNG took a win.
  • G2 vs T1- At this point, T1 seems to be quite strong as they defeated G2 easily.
  • Buffalo vs PSG- After so much struggle, Buffalo has managed to get a win for themselves.
  • RNG vs EG- There is no need to even mention it, because you already know. RNG took a point once again.

Where Do the Teams Stand Now?

You might be wondering where the teams stand right now. Well, G2 has to get 1-2 wins at least to make it to the semifinals, and EG has already made it to the knockoffs. Day 4 is going to be extremely interesting, and the semifinals will be all the more exciting. Here is the scoreboard for now:

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