Credits to MySmartPrice. BGMI Showdown just got over with their Grand Finale!

All About the BGMI Showdown Grand Finale 2022!

Newsroom Jul 26, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into all the details about the BGMI Showdown Grand Finale 2022!

As you might have already caught up with the BGMI Showdown, you might now be interested in the BGMI Showdown Grand Finale that was held on July 24th, 2022. The winner of the Grand Finale will be able to directly take part in the PMWII, which is quite a big deal for the whole Indian Esports community. Hence, in today’s news blog, we will be getting into all the details about that BGMI Showdown Grand Finale 2022, which made people lose their minds!

Who was the winner of the BGMI Showdown Grand Finale 2022?

Before getting into the match details and such, let us get into the main question as to who won the BGMI Showdown 2022! Well, if you have caught up with most of the matches in the tournament, they must have seen some pretty tough competition and were quite confused as to who exactly might come up as the winner. Well, we are quite pleased to announce that 7sea Esports had made an amazing mark by winning the tournament! In the last few matches, they kept on proving themselves to be one of the best teams. Though their start in this tournament was quite slow, it did not stop them from hustling and finally reaching the end mark.

Credits to GamingonPhone. 7Sea Esports is the winner BGMI Showdown 2022. 

The runner-ups for the Grand Finale 2022 were Orangutan and Enigma Gaming. Fans had expected that Orangutan would have won the tournament, however in the semi-finals and the finals, their performance had dropped quite unexpectedly. Fans were a bit disappointed, as this was something that was not expected of them. Enigma Gaming, on the other hand, had shown much promise by rising the ranks gradually and then coming up to the top charts.

Another team that people had expected to make it to the top of the charts was Skylightz Gaming. Though they had been ranked 4th, many were sure that they might even win the BGM Showdown. Unfortunately, their performance dropped in the finals, and they lost the first position by some points.

Prize Pool Distribution

The BGMI Showdown 2022 had a prize pool of ₹15,00,000. It was divided among the top 16 teams who had qualified for the finals. However, the top 4 teams got their prizes as follows:

  • 7SEA - 5 lakhs
  • Orangutan - 2.5 lakhs
  • Enigma Gaming - 1 lakh
  • Skylightz Gaming - 75,000

However, there were again special prizes for those who performed better. Here is the list of the special prizes:

Credits to AFK Gaming. SPRAYGOD is the MVP. 
  • The MVP of the tournament was declared as SPRAYGOD from 7Sea Esports and he was awarded ₹50,000.
  • The Grenadier was declared to be Fierce from Team XO and was awarded ₹50,000.
  • The longest finish was awarded to Drigger from Orangutan, who was awarded ₹50,000.
  • Also, the team with the most finishes was 7Sea Esports, and they were awarded an additional ₹50,000.


Hence, 7Sea Esports is going to be qualified for the PMWI, and the fans cannot wait to see them perform there. We hope that they will be able to keep their form and bring victory to India!

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