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All about Camping in Gaming

Community Aug 10, 2022

In video gaming, camping is a tactic where a player obtains an advantageous static position, which may be a discreet place which is unlikely to be searched.


  • Camping is one of the most prevalent strategies used by players in online shooting games.
  • Camping often seems like a viable strategy for players who find it difficult to get kills in open combat.
  • Certain games, especially Battle Royale games, actively discourage camping by randomly narrowing the play area as the game progresses

One of the most common tactics utilised by players in online shooting games, such as well-known titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield, is camping.

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When you are aggressively searching the map for people to kill, it is immensely upsetting when you are abruptly destroyed by someone who is meticulously hidden in a map corner. You could become annoyed by seeing campers, but that's what they want.

What Is Camping?

A player is camping for an enemy. Picture Courtesy: Battlefield.

Simply put, camping is the act of finding a space on the map which prevents other gamers from flanking the camper, protecting their position. Campers look for tight spots on the map from where they can take potshots at other players.

Ideally, campers look for hard-to-spot areas or nooks that most players don't think about looking in. Then they just wait. Instead of running about the map looking for kills, campers generally sit at one point and wait for the kills to come to them.

And, while this may seem like a viable strategy in real-life combat, it can infuriate players in online games. How many times has a camper shot you while they are sitting at a choke point, scoped in and just waiting?

Most Shooter Maps Have Strategic Camping Spots

Strategies for camping. Picture Courtesy: Getty Images

Players that struggle to acquire kills in open combat often seem to be using camping as a viable tactic. When more seasoned players are unaware of where the initial shot is coming from, it is always simpler to kill them. However, it seems that game makers don't actually dislike camping as much as most players do. Most players view camping as an offensive habit that shows bad sportsmanship.

A good example is Call of Duty: Warzone. There are several hidden spaces on the map where players may take cover and quickly eliminate other teams by shooting them. By design, the majority of the maps in online shooting games combine wide open areas that promote battle with confined areas or corridors where camping is rife.

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What Is Spawn Camping?

Spawn camping is an additional well-liked strategy. Players must camp close to the map's spawn spots in order to use this tactic. In essence, you just wait for the players to spawn after you identify the spawn spots on the other side.

You eliminate any new enemy players as soon as they appear. Although it is not against the rules, spawn camping is often disapproved of and is officially forbidden on many custom servers.

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What is Base Camping?

Base camping is another option when participants often camp near where they first arrived. They basically wait for the opposition team to approach them rather than stepping out to meet them.

Some video games, particularly Battle Royale games, explicitly discourage camping by reducing the play area at random intervals over the course of the game. Players are forced to abandon their camping places and go to other areas on the map as a result.

How to Beat Camping Tactics?

Keep your composure and take notice of the camper's location rather than losing it and yelling insults at the television. You can usually tell where the shots are coming from in shooting games. Just mentally record the location of the camper before you resurrect so you can avoid them. You must use caution since the majority of campers shift positions after each kill. If you are familiar with the map, this gets simpler.

The safety of the camper by itself is not a concern. Simply voice chats with your colleagues to alert them when you notice one. Everyone will be aware of the camper's approximate position and be prepared to shoot them if they come across them.

You don't have to shoot a camper just to get even. There are more effective methods of combating them, such as the use of rocket launchers or grenades, which are more indirect weapons. It's simple to select a good loadout to deal with campers in an arena shooter, for instance. If you have a grenade in your arsenal, you don't have to engage a sniper one-on-one!

A little coordination is all that is required to eliminate a sniper who is firing at your whole party from atop a structure. While you and your squad attempt to flank or climb up the building for a better shot, if you have a sniper on the team, have them draw the camper's attention.

Campers love to annoy other players. If you lose your composure, you'll undoubtedly act irrationally for the remainder of the game. Keep your eyes on the prize and use these tactics to drive campers away. There are several shooters available that you may want to give a go, particularly if you want to diversify your gaming and boost collaboration. Additionally, you can easily interact with campers now that you know more about them!

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