All About BGMI| Interview: Prashu(IGL) & Yash(Assaulter)

Interview Feb 21, 2022
Games are not just a diversion, Games could actually make you feel.

No one can understand this better than the Gamers themselves. So, we invited two such Gamers on the fifth episode of Tournatalks, an Instagram Live Conversational Show hosted by Tournafest every Sunday. We invite Gamers, Organizers & more such eminent people from the Gaming industry to spread awareness on various issues related to Gaming, E-sports and also to gain some valuable points of wisdom from the hustlers!

In the Fifth episode of Tournatalks, we invited the top BGMI players from our app, Tournafest, namely Mr. Prashu Thakur who plays as an In-Game Leader(IGL) & Mr. Yash Sinha who plays as an Assaulter. We had a BGMI centric conversation wherein a lot of things were discussed. Reading this blog might help you get your doubts cleared regarding a lot of concepts in BGMI. The session was hosted by Khushi from Team Tournafest.

How has been your experience in the Gaming world till now?

“Well, it depends considering the circumstances we’re talking about but till now, my GAMING journey to be specific has been splendid indeed! The main challenges for me came in from my family’s side, just because they cared. My father even threatened to throw away my phone if I didn’t leave gaming soon. So, I usually used to play when my father was out. Overall it was an amazing, amazing experience,” said Prashu.

“In the start, I wasn’t an Assaulter. I used to play as a Support Player. Gradually, I started to work on this skill & got better at it eventually. When my Board Examinations were almost there, my father asked me to minimize my time for playing games & asked me to focus more on my studies. I listened to him & tried to take both the things together, i.e. Gaming & my studies by convincing my parents. Overall, it’s been a great learning experience & it’s still a long way to go” explained Yash.

How did your parents react when you started playing?

“I was quite interested in gaming when BGMI came into the picture, a lot more interested than before. I knew that studies & gaming had to be managed together so I used this trick to convince my parents. I said that if you’d allow me two hours to play, I’ll study for 4 hours straight. And this trick luckily worked! There was that day & till today I haven’t looked back since then,” said Yash.

“My parents were not at all supportive of the fact that I’m getting indulged in Gaming. Of course, because they wanted to help secure my future. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. My mother became kinda supportive later but my father doesn’t approve of gaming to date but I’ve decided I’ll keep hustling until the day- results make my father agree,” answered Prashu.

Which features of BGMI made you cling to it?

“The graphics for sure! Even the user interface is super fun & easy to use,” said Prashu.

“The graphics, custom rooms & the competition in BGMI is next level! These will be my favorite features from the game, for sure,” replied Yash.

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Will/Should Gaming be considered a profession?

“Keeping in view the success of the global E-sports player, Gaming becoming a profession is a sure thing but if we talk about India, there’s a long way to go,” said Prashu.

“I feel that Gaming is a profession for sure. We need to convince no one for the same. Apps like Tournafest which are promoting you play games for money are trying to professionalize this area and I think this is what we need right now,” said Yash.

Tournafest is that one-stop destination created by Gamers, for the Gamers. The developers at Tournafest are trying to professionalize & revolutionize the Gaming industry through its authentic features making it easy for both the Gamers & Organizers to play & organize free huge prize pool Tournaments & Scrims.

How has been your journey at Tournafest?

“Off-topic, but the UI of Tournafest is mind-blowing! It’s beautifully crafted & very simple to interact with. There are different sections for Tournaments & Scrims which makes it even easier for the players. Not only this, participating in these Tournaments always endow you with a sense of achievement giving you the motivation to hustle more. It’s also super easy to redeem the TF coins,” said Prashu.

What are your views on BGMI’s future?

“Although I’m no one to predict BGMI’s future it will do wonders for sure keeping in view the fanbase & success it’s achieved in the past years. I don’t know about other games but BGMI isn’t gonna go down soon!” replied Yash.

“The future of BGMI is ultimately bright. Since the start, BGMI has been working on the referral policy. We used to refer the application to our friends who spread the game further. This made the Gamers connect over BGMI Tournaments. Also, the huge Tournaments that BGMI is bringing in, is insane. Parents wanting results & Gamers achieving them through BGMI will make BGMI win big time!” said Prashu.

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How to manage studies & gaming together?

“Yes, Gaming is important for you but studies play a vital role in your life too. If you are planning to take both things side by side, here are some tips from my side- Play only when you have the whole squad ready. Don’t waste your time waiting for the team rather utilize that time to have a cover-up on your studies. Education adds a lot of value to your life so don’t leave it behind in any aspects,” said Prashu.

“I dedicated time in fixed proportions to both the genres as I mentioned earlier: four hours to studies & two hours to gaming! This trick eventually worked for me,” said Yash.

What consequences Pandemic has had on Gaming?

“There were certainly no adverse effects of Pandemic on Gaming. In fact, it’s been a win-win for everyone! The gamers got a lot more time to practice, gain experience & hence better themselves. The streamers grew their audience drastically & in all Pandemic did prove to be helpful for the Gamers,” said Prashu.

“I was able to devote more time first to PUBG, then BGMI during the Pandemic. Of course, I was able to better my skills but it’s a long way to go, still!” said Yash.

What are some tips to be a good Assaulter?

“Firstly, learn to listen & follow your In-Game Leader. Second, don’t rush alone. Make sure to have at least one player on board with you. Third, follow your gut feeling & believe in yourself. Fourth, make sure to keep track of your opponent’s move. This is all you need to do. Also, keep practicing because, at the end of the day, it is the only thing that’ll fetch you results,” said Yash.

What are some tips to be a good gamer from an In-Game Leader?

“Firstly, make sure to get to the zone when the location is marked. Secondly, if you’re asked to move, then move. Just don’t keep wandering. Listen to the IGL always. Thirdly, it may happen the wrong call is made by an IGL but mostly he’ll be right so make sure to follow him. Sometimes, some miscommunications happen, but you need to develop an understanding over time,” said Prashu.

How can a Squad improve unitedly?

“Trust, communication, coordination & timing is the key to being a better Squad. Also, try to play as many matches as possible to know your teammates more,” answered Yash.

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This was all about the live session’s brief synopsis. We hope you were able to learn something or the other from this blog. Keep reading & stay tuned to us for more informative blogs related to Gaming & E-sports.

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