Credits to EA. the ALGS Championships has already started! 

ALGS Team Shop and new Bundles are now available in Apex Legends!

Newsroom Jul 9, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into the details about the new ALGS Team Shop that has been introduced in Apex Legends recently.

Blizzard Entertainment has come up with a new ALGS Team Shop!
The ALGS Team Shop will have bundles that are related to the teams taking part in the ALGS.
You can claim these bundles once you log in to the game and claim the rewards.

We have some amazing news for Apex Legends fans! If you are not already aware, the ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series) is approaching, and that means there will be some sort of changes in the game! In today’s blog, we will be getting into all the brand new features coming in Apex Legends for the ALGS Team Shop. Fans are more than excited to see all the items in-store and discover more. Blizzard Entertainment is making sure that they hype up the whole Series properly.

What new features are going to come for ALGS?

One of the new features that will be introduced into Apex Legends is that there will be a Team Shop which will feature all the Esports cosmetics of ALGS. This is going to be quite fun for people who are quite enthusiastic about the upcoming Global Series. Blizzard has come up with new skins and Esports cosmetics for people who want to show support for their favourite teams.

Esports Cosmetics for Various Teams

Here are some of the Bundles that will soon come to the Apex Legends shop:

TSM Bundle

Credits to Sportskeeda. TSM Bundle. 

If you are a huge TSM fan, then you might want to get the TSM Bundle that has come up in the store. In the bundle, you will be getting the Clocktane Legendary skin for the character Octane. You will also be getting the Bronze Age R-301 weapon skin and, lastly, the TSM banner for your player card. All of these items were not created recently, but they were previously released in other Battle Passes and such, and have now been included in the Bundle. There is a high chance that TSM members have handpicked these options to be in their bundles.

NRG Bundle

Credits to Sportskeeda. NRG Bundle.

For the NRG fans, they will be getting their very own bundle, which will contain the Dragon Chaser Legendary Rampage weapon skin. The Bundle will also have the epic Gold Standard Rampart legendary skin, and lastly, the NRG banner for the player card. The whole team has managed to come together to pick out what their fans might like in the bundle.

100 Thieves Bundle

Credits to Sportskeeda. 100 Thieves Bundle.

The 100T Bundle is also quite an attractive bundle for fans. The bundle consists of the Legendary Burgundy Knight Pathfinder legendary skin, and the epic Rune Breaker Havoc weapon skin. Lastly, as usual, you will be getting the 100 Thieves universal banner for the player card.

Cloud9 Bundle

Credits to Sportskeeda. Cloud9 Bundle.

For the Cloud9 fans, they will be getting their favourite team’s banner for their player card. Additionally, they will be getting the legendary Dangerous Game R-99 weapon skin, and the epic Snake Charmer Mirage legend skin.

Crazy Racoon Bundle

Credits to Sportskeeda. Crazy Racoon Bundle.

Once again, if you want to try to show your support for Crazy Racoon, then you will be getting the universal banner for the player card. Also, the whole bundle will feature the legendary Dangerous Game Bloodhound legendary skin and the epic Lethal Injection G7 Scout weapon skin.

When are the Bundles going to Release?

Now you might want to know when the whole bundle is going to come to live, and how long they are going to be there. The Bundle has already gone live on July 7, 2022, and will stay in store until July 10, 2022. Hence, if you want to get hold of these bundles, make sure to log in to your game, and claim them as soon as possible.

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