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After 17 years of competitive gaming, G2's zAAz has decided to retire.

Newsroom May 20, 2022
Read about zAAz’s retirement.
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Zainab "zAAz" Turkie, a CS:GO and VALORANT player, has decided to retire from competitive gaming after 17 years. Maryam "Mary" Maher will take her place on the very successful VALORANT roster following her exit from G2 Gozen.

"With a professional career that spanned 17 years, zAAz has repeatedly demonstrated that he is among the best FPS gamers to ever hit the scene," G2 added.

ZAAz has one of the longest careers in women's Esports. She began in Counter-Strike, progressed to CS:GO, and then to VALORANT. She's been a member of several teams, notably Team Secret, XSET, and G2 Gozen.

The departure of zAAz comes just days after G2 claimed another victory on the VCT Game Changers circuit. They have claimed the EMEA Game Changers competition three times in a row, each time defeating Guild Esports.

Fans of zAAz, on the other hand, won't have to wait long to hear from her. Her next steps will involve educating Sweden's future Esports aspirants about the games as well as her own Esports experience.

Along with the announcement that zAAz will be retiring**, G2 stated that Mary will take her position. She is making her tier-one debut at the age of 16 with the complete backing of zAAz and G2. ZAAZ described her as a star to follow in her TwitLonger.**

Despite a squad change, G2 is still regarded as a team to beat, especially given they have a three-peat under their belt. In the next EMEA Game Changers, they'll be trying for their fourth victory.

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