A gaming setup should always reflect your style and be as clean as possible.

Credits to Unsplash. A gaming setup should always reflect your style and be as clean as possible.

Affordable Gaming Gadgets to Enhance your Gaming Setup!

Community Sep 16, 2022

In this blog, we will be looking at some of the affordable gaming gadgets to add in your setup!

Gamers have always wanted to get the best gaming gadgets that come on an affordable budget, and that is exactly what we are going to do! In this blog, we will be going through some of the gaming gadgets that you got to have as a part of your gaming setup, and will also fall within your budget. All these gadgets are more than just for aesthetic purposes and will have more uses than you could have imagined. If you are building your own gaming setup, then you will have to have these essential gadgets so that the setup feels fully functional and even smooths your overall gaming experience!

List of the Affordable Gaming Gadgets

Here are some of the best affordable gaming gadgets that you should definitely try to go for:

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

Xbox Wireless Controller.
Photo by Sam Pak / Unsplash. Xbox Wireless Controller.

If you enjoy playing console games, then we are quite sure that this will be useful for you. Setting up a gaming setup should always look neat and tidy, and people usually go for a wireless controller, as it makes things easier. Imagine you have a neat setup, but you go for a wired controller, and the wire could be seen attached while you are playing any game. It kind of ruins the whole aesthetic. Also, the wireless controller can be used from a good distance. Hence, imagine you and your friend can chill from a distance from the screen, and enjoy playing games all night together. This also makes it portable and easier to carry around without worrying about the wiring going bad. Hence, most of the time people do tend to choose the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller.

Stream Deck

Stream Deck
Credits to WIRED. Stream Deck.

If you are a gamer and a streamer, then you will definitely need to get a stream deck for yourself! Imagine getting all the buttons for accessing various apps in your setup with just a click. Want to open the Streaming app? Easy just a click! Want to switch to your most played game? No need to find it on your desktop. Just hit a button, and keep interacting with your audience! There are tons of Stream Decks you will find in the market. There are Stream Decks that are costly and come with tons of buttons. However, we would recommend you to just go with Deck which has a few buttons, going for many buttons will be kind of similar to finding apps in your taskbar/ desktop. Hence, make sure to get the compact ones, so that you do not clutter your gaming setup too!

PowerA Dual Charging Station for Xbox

PowerA Dual Charging Station for Xbox
Credits to UBuy India. PowerA Dual Charging Station for Xbox.

Imagine you have been playing on your Xbox for the whole night, and it ran out of charge. But you have a tournament to join in the morning. Both of your Xbox controllers have died out. What are you going to do? Well, this Dual Charging Station is going to save your life! Imagine charging both your controllers in just 3 hours, and they will last till at least 15 hours of continuous use! This is going to be a life saver if you are a console gamer, and will make sure to save you from tricky situations. Hence, if you want to enjoy a seamless gaming experience, then make sure to go for the Dual Charging Station for Xbox.

This video might interest you:

Wings Crosshair 205 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

Wings Crosshair 205 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse
Credits to Flipkart. Wings Crosshair 205 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse.

If you are looking for a good gaming mouse at a budget price, then we will recommend you to go for the Wings Crosshair Series, specifically the 205 Wired Optical mouse as that will give you that expensive feel of a gaming mouse, but it is in a budget! A gaming mouse will definitely help you to play better as you customise all the settings accordingly and even have a mouse that suits your grip! Hence, make sure to check out the gaming mouse, if you are looking for something good on a budget.

Wings GRIND100 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard

Wings GRIND100 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard
Credits to Flipkart. Wings GRIND100 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard.

If you are also looking for a gaming keyboard that will look good with your gaming setup, well we bring to you Wings Keyboard again! The reason why we are bringing Wings so much is that it is the only company in India that will give you all the gaming accessories within a budget. This will help you to bring down the cost of your budget and even save you some unwanted expenses. Of course, as it is cheaper, the quality might not be that high. However, if you want something to start off with now, then you can go for these. Once you feel that you have enough to actually buy the proper quality gaming keyboards, then you can switch it up.

HyperX Wrist Rest

Credits to Amazon. HyperX Wrist Rest.

If you are a professional gamer, or you are planning to go there, then you should definitely go for the Wrist Rest. You might think that it is not necessary, however, after hours of practice every day, then you will need to get a wrist rest, as your arms might tire out easily. You need to keep your hand and wrist in good shape for being a professional. Hence, it is best to get a wrist rest for those hectic days when you have to game for longer hours. Of course, you will not be getting a wrist rest while playing LAN events, however, when you are going to play online tournaments, you can always use a wrist rest to give that extra comfort to your wrists during intense matches.


These were some of the gaming gadgets/ accessories that you can use and would even come within a reasonable budget that will not only enhance your gaming setup but also not burn a hole in your pocket.

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