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Addiction To Gaming- What Can Help?

Community Mar 29, 2022
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What is Video Game Addiction?

Over 2 billion individuals worldwide play video games. An average gamer spends about 6 hours a week playing. For most gamers of all ages, playing video games is a pleasurable pastime—a chance to unwind, connect with friends, and enjoy a challenge. It's wonderful to be able to do things you enjoy. But is it possible to overdo it with a hobby? And when does it become an addiction?

Smartphones have surpassed PCs and consoles as the most popular gaming devices in recent years. Video games can now be found on apps and social media platforms. Furthermore, MMORPGs continue to be incredibly popular. Each day, video games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, and The Elder Scrolls Online entice millions of players in their virtual worlds. Day after day, around 160 million Americans participate in MMORPGs and other internet-based games.

Despite the fact that gaming has been around for nearly 50 years, research into its harmful impacts is still in its early stages.

Why Is It So Controversial? reported that in the fiscal year 2020, India will have approximately 365 million internet gamers. This figure was expected to rise to 510 million by the end of 2022 & so it did. As a result, the majority of people are likely to know at least one person who regularly plays video games.

Gaming disorder was listed in the World Health Organization's 11th revision of its International Classification of Diseases (ICD). While the American Psychiatric Association (APA) stated in 2013 that there was insufficient evidence to include Internet gaming disease in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, it thought it worthy of future research.

The fact that only a very small percentage of gamers ever demonstrate any signs of a problem, particularly the precise symptoms of withdrawal and tolerance, is a source of scientific doubt. As a result, some doctors and academics argue that excessive video game use is merely a habit or a symptom of another condition rather than an addiction in and of itself.

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Why Can Video Games Be Addictive?

Even though they may not have an officially diagnosed illness, some people abandon their careers, education, and marriages to spend hours a week playing video games. Some youngsters and teenagers get so fascinated with video games that they even threaten their parents if they are asked to put aside the controller.

Many of us have read about such situations or have had similar experiences proving that video games may be addicting. The World Health Organization has added "gaming disorder" to its official list of disorders, as previously stated.

When someone "needs" to play video games to be happy and is unhappy when they aren't, they may have a problem that is as serious as alcoholism. Researchers are still investigating video game withdrawal symptoms, which include weariness, headaches, insomnia, and strong urges to play video games again.

Furthermore, video games have the same effect on the brain as addictive drugs: they cause the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that reinforces the behavior. As a result, playing video games can be an addictive stimulant. These findings suggest that video game addiction is a possibility.

What Are the Symptoms of Video Game Addiction?

If you feel that someone you care about has an addictive gaming disease, there are certain key indicators to look out for.

  • Are they isolating themselves from their family and friends?
  • They play games all or most of the time.
  • They don't want to do things they used to enjoy.
  • They're putting off their job or school to play video games?
  • Do they get agitated when they aren't playing video games?
  • Is it necessary for them to spend more and more time playing games to feel good?
  • Despite these issues, do they continue to play?

If you see any of these symptoms, it would be wonderful if you could assist them in overcoming their addiction or inform them about it.

What causes Video Game Addiction?

According to studies, the majority of people who suffer from the symptoms of video game addiction play multiplayer games on the internet. MMPORGs are particularly addicting because they provide an unending journey within a fantasy universe in which players can effectively live a different life as a different person. They provide an opportunity to escape reality and leave behind real-world difficulties.

MMORPGs and other multiplayer games have extensive player communities in which many people feel welcomed, valued, and valuable, something they do not experience in the current world. Players can connect with others and form communities, clans, and relationships that make them feel valued. The relationships they form may be virtual, but they are genuine. It gives the gamer the impression that they are a part of something bigger than themselves and that they have an important role to perform.

Escapism and social approval may not be the main motivations for video game addiction. Numerous studies have attempted to establish a link between video game addiction and other mental health issues. According to one 2016 study, those who are depressed and avoid difficulties are more prone to becoming hooked on video games. Another 2017 study discovered a strong link between video game addiction and anxiety disorders, though it's unclear whether the addiction causes anxiety or the anxiety leads to the addiction.

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How Can You Escape This Addiction?

There are many tools available to assist you to get started if you know it's time to conquer video game addiction or help someone who is. There are programs throughout the country, as well as in-person and online support groups, dedicated to assisting people in breaking free from video game addiction. The first step toward overcoming video game addiction is to put down the controller and take a step back. This can be difficult, which is why many video game addicts only recover when they throw away their gaming equipment or go on a wilderness retreat.

A few basic strategies that can also help you overcome your gaming addiction are as follows:

Set and stick to time limitations for play.
Keep phones and other electronic devices out of the bedroom so you don't stay up late.
Do something else every day, such as exercise. This will reduce the health dangers associated with sitting and playing for extended periods.

Following these basic steps will help you break free from your addiction, but you must follow them strictly if you want to do so.

That concludes this blog. We hope that this blog has helped you understand gaming addiction in some manner.

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