Credits to Tyroo's Linedin. Tyroo is going toward Metaverse! 

Ad-tech platform Tyroo launches its gaming vertical- Comet

Newsroom Apr 23, 2022
Tyroo has established a gaming enterprise known as Comet.
Comet will be handling the Metaverse aspect of Tyroo.
The company is thinking about launching a decentralised ecosystem in the Metaverse.

Metaverse is the next big thing that is coming up in the gaming technology, and it seems all the huge companies want to get into it, before the whole thing releases, or even becomes over-saturated. All the mega-companies are trying to get into the gaming world and then set up their metaverse as that would help them to expand their company in virtual reality. Hence, in today’s blog, we will be getting into details about what Tyroo is planning to do with their new enterprise Comet.

What is Tyroo?

Before we proceed into the news as to what has happened, or not, we will be knowing about what exactly is Tyroo. In simple terms, Tyroo is an advertisement platform that acts as a way where companies can put up their ads inside a game. It also provides various types of solutions and offers in the gaming industry. The company also gives Metaverse IPs to brands who are interested to get into the world of Metaverse. Hence, if the company is so involved in the backend work of the Metaverse and other gaming platforms, it is quite obvious that they would be interested to get into the world of Metaverse at some point or the other.

Credits to Mageplaza. Gaming is opening up a lot of advancements in technology.

What does Tyroo aim to do with Comet?

Coming to the main question as to what exactly is Tyroo’s main intention with Comet, their new gaming vertical. They have found out that all types of companies are trying to get in the Metaverse for advertising or providing their services. Comet will try to bring all these services or rather a synergy into one umbrella and target it to the GenZ audience. Hence, this would make sure that the right type of products will be getting to the right type of audience.

Credits to Afaqs. Comet is another enterprise for Tyroo.

To put it into simpler terms, Comet is the Metaverse enterprise of Tyroo. Tyroo would mainly work as an e-platform and will keep on doing so. They are branching off to Comet as a Metaverse enterprise. Here, they will act as a big umbrella having all the resources under them, which you can access and use whichever caters to your requirements.

How well is this going to work?

This is another question that people have been wondering about. How much is this going to work out for the Metaverse audience and is it a good deviation for the company? Technically speaking, most companies have already started investing in the Metaverse. However, nobody had yet come up with the concept of putting all the resources in one place.

According to statistics, Comet has already managed to leverage a market of 450 million + high-engaged gamers across APAC and relevant cross-border channels. They are also going to make it a decentralised ecosystem. This means that there would not be an unfair monopoly in the market. All of these points would most definitely be a strong advantage for them. They are going to target the AAA titles, which are much more profitable than the others. There is no doubt that Tyroo had thought about this extremely thoroughly and diligently than any other company.

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