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A very well known Twitch Streamer just got 11 million followers on Twitch!

Newsroom Jul 28, 2022

In this blog, you will get to know who is the sixth most followed Twitch streamer to rank up the charts, and who are the others?

Twitch is the place that is the hub for streamers. However, it is not that easy to make a mark for yourself on Twitch, and usually, this is also one of the main reasons why tons of streamers shift to Youtube Live or Youtube Gaming, for it is much easier to gain subscribers or followers in other platforms. However, Twitch believes more in the quality of streamers than in bringing in tons of streamers. Quality over quantity. Hence, this is the reason only a handful of streamers in Titch get up to the 10 million followers mark and beyond. In today’s blog, we will see who recently got hit with 11 million followers!

Who managed to become the sixth streamer to hit 11 million on Twitch?

Credits to eSports. xQc is the sixth streamer to hit 11 million on Twitch.

Many of the fans and people reading this would eventually not be surprised when they get to the part who got it. It is none other than xQc. He had always been quite a popular Twitch streamer and was loved by all the communities. He had never kept himself restricted to the gaming community. You must have often seen xQc’s clips getting viral, reacting to something hilariously. This is all that it took him to get so much popularity. He had always managed to have a good outlook on everything, and rarely got involved in any feuds or controversies. However, now that he has risen from being an underrated streamer, to someone so popular, then it would definitely be different. If xQc manages to keep his attitude towards his streams the same way, then we are quite sure that he will be getting more followers as time passes!

Who are the other Top Twitch Channels?

Credits to Streamcharts. The Twitch followers chart.

Some of you might be curious about which other Twitch channels are at the top. Well, there is no doubt that the most followed Twitch channel is Ninja’s. At this point, it would not be wrong to say that he is the face of Twitch. He has always managed to break all the records and will continue to do so. Currently, he has 18.29 million followers! He is then followed by Auonplay, who is standing at 13.27 million. Next comes Rubius with his 12.40 million followers. These are the only steamers on Twitch that are above 11 million at this moment.

Those who are quite close to xQc are ibai and Tfue, with 11.31 and 11.12 million followers, respectively. Hence, we do feel strongly that it will not take him much to rise up to the levels and maybe get close to Ninja even!

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