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A Release Window Is Given For Apex Legends Mobile.

Newsroom May 5, 2022
The release window for Apex Legends Mobile is finally out!
It will be available for both Android and iOS at the same time!
The prizes for pre-registrations!

Those who have been waiting to play Apex Legends on their smartphones will eventually be able to do so, as Apex Legends Mobile has a release date. This smartphone edition of the battle royale game will be available this month, according to Respawn Entertainment. However, an exact launch date has yet to be determined. This eventual rollout followed a series of previous tests, which were initially limited to specific regions before progressively spreading elsewhere in preparation for the general release.

The previous launch timeframe for Apex Legends Mobile was in the summer of 2022, so while we do not yet have a precise release date, we're getting closer to it now that we're in the release month. Respawn revealed the Apex Legends Mobile release date for May during an Apex Legends preview event for Season 13 before making the announcement public on Tuesday.

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Unlike certain mobile games, Apex Legends Mobile will be available on both Android and iOS devices at the same time when it is released. It will also include some features that are only available on the mobile edition of Apex, such as mobile-only maps, Legends, and more.

Though it will contain certain content that is specific to the smartphone version of Apex, unlike Apex Legends, this game will not support cross-play, meaning mobile users will only be able to play against mobile players. It will, however, include the main game's Legends. During the Season 13 preview, when Apex Legends Mobile was discussed, design director Jordan Patz stated that the game would start with ten Legends, with one more to be announced.

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Respawn revealed in March that it had launched pre-registrations for the game, allowing individuals to indicate their enthusiasm for the game by signing up for it before its release. Given that it is a mobile game, these pre-registrations were inevitably accompanied by prize programs, much as other mobile titles have done in the past. These featured holosprays, banner frames, badges, a banner stance, and a new Pathfinder skin, among other things, which have all been enabled now that over 25 million pre-registrations have been collected.

Apex Legends Mobile will be available in May for Android and iOS devices.

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