A guide to competitive video gaming. Picture Courtesy: Topel

A guide to competitive video gaming. Picture Courtesy: Topel

A guide to competitive video gaming

Community Sep 17, 2022

Competitive games or Esports are video games suitable for all kinds of gamers, whether hardcore or casual.


  • Primarily, gaming has been made for fun and entertainment purposes only.
  • The gaming world is considered a money-making industry.
  • Esports often entail producing and transmitting video material through live streaming or broadcast.

Video games that are acceptable for both casual and serious players are known as competitive games or Esports. Since the 2010s, Esports has notably carved out a niche in the gaming business. So much so that many game creators are persuaded to plan and finance associated gaming events.

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Gaming has mainly been created for enjoyment and pleasure. However, the gaming business is increasingly seen as a lucrative one. Here is a guide regarding competitive gaming and getting into it if interested.

What is Esports?

Players playing games. Picture Courtesy: Esports Corner

Esports, usually called competitive gaming, are leagues, tournaments, or other similar contests in which people or teams compete as others watch and watch them play video games for enjoyment, rewards, or money. They are a subset of the video game business and are sometimes known as "pro gaming," "organised play," "competition gaming," or "Egaming."

When discussing Esports, the picture of crowded stadiums filled with supporters cheering for international stars is immediately conjured up. But it doesn't provide the whole story. Esports may be played professionally or recreationally, in national or regional competitions, on-site at a venue or studio, or entirely online from a player's house or any other location with an Internet connection.

Esports often entails producing and transmitting video material through live streaming or broadcast. The participants themselves may create this video material in their homes, it may be a part of a massive multicast on par with any top-tier entertainment event, or it may be anything in between! There is no one kind of Esports. Video game players participate in the Overwatch League, the League of Legends European Championship, the Rainbow Six Spain Nationals, or any number of other professional or amateur competitions held throughout the world, just as humans do not compete in "sport" but rather in tennis, football, or athletics.

Types of Esports

Picture Courtesy: Esports Corner

One of the most crucial things newcomers understand is the many Esports categories and features. Games based on anime are several that you may play against others in a competitive setting, particularly if you like the aesthetics, cinematography, and plot. Because of this, many individuals are drawn to playing it.

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One of the benefits of Esports is many different game genres to pick from. Here are a few examples of competitive games to decide which genre best fits you.

PvP (Player versus Player)

As the word implies, a player competes against another player in a PvP game. This is sometimes referred to as "1 v. 1." When you decide to play with a buddy or a sibling, this kind of Esport is appropriate.

RTS (Real-time Strategy)

Both players share the same resources when playing a real-time strategy (RTS) game. Then, each player must work to fortify their base, protect it, and simultaneously launch assaults on their rival's base.

FPS (First-person Shooter)

One of the most common games nowadays is this competitive kind. FPS games let the player see the virtual world through their character's point of view. Call of Duty and Valorant are two examples of this (COD).

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

MOBA games are among the most popular Esport platforms among players and first-person shooters. Although it is an RTS game, this one requires the creation of teams. Each team must cooperate in coordination and strategy to secure its base. League of Legends (LOL) and Mobile Legends (ML), which can be played on multiple devices, including mobile phones, consoles, or PCs, are excellent examples.

How To Be a Competitive Gamer

A Competitive Gamer. Picture Courtesy: Esports Corner

Online gaming offers a forum for competitive online tournament gaming for real money, which is why it is growing to be a thriving business. In addition to enjoying the sport because they play their favourite games, gamers who participate in it also have the chance to get money as long as they place first in the tournament.

Knowing the different Esports can help you improve your skills and be more competitive. Several gamers have earned the reputation of invincibility as the gaming business grows. And to eventually join them, you need to be aware of all these suggestions as a novice.

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Select a platform and a game

A game will be more straightforward for you to master the more invested you are in it. Similarly, it will be easier to handle and modify your character in the game the more familiar you are with your gaming platform (console, smartphone, or PC).

Learn the game's mechanics

The first step in mastering your game is understanding the fundamentals. There are many video game lessons on Twitch and YouTube, and some players use these sites to broadcast live games. You may improve your gaming skills by watching them get suggestions.


You wouldn't truly develop competitive gaming abilities if you didn't put any effort into it, and that involves making time to practice and train. As the saying goes, "practice makes perfect." You may strengthen your gaming strategy over time by identifying and addressing your flaws by practising your game.

Become a member of a team and compete in events

You must get experience working in teams to compete in your chosen game. This will strengthen your sense of individuality and may enable you to make new friends and playmates.

There are two types of competitions in competitive gaming: LAN tournaments and internet tournaments. In a LAN event, all players congregate in one location and compete using the same network link. Due to the ability to participate from a distance, the online tournament is now the most popular kind of competitive gaming event.

What is the impact of Esports?

Many people watch Esports games. Picture Courtesy: Esports Corner

The fan base fuels the Esports industry. According to the games and Esports analytics company Newzoo, 205.4 million Esports fans worldwide in 2021. That number is projected to increase over the next two years to 285.7 million by 2024. The total audience is currently 435.9 million, projected to rise to 577.2 million in 2024. At the aggregate level, Esports fans lean male and mature, 78% over 21 and 62% male. The fanbases of various games might vary significantly in terms of gender and age. The percentage of female viewers is rising steadily and will be 38% in 2020. Esports will draw in 385 million viewers in 2017: An Esports business research firm, Newzoo, projects that in 2017, Esports will draw in around 385 million viewers worldwide. 191 million are "Esports fanatics," and 194 million are "occasional watchers," with the number of enthusiasts expected to reach 286 million by 2020, up by 50%.

The primary motivation for businesses to participate in Esports is to target the Millennial/Generation Z market, which has proved challenging to attract through TV and other conventional media, earning the labels "cord-cutters" and "cord-nevers." Due to this increase, Esports investment is also increasing. All sorts of investors, from angel investors and family offices to venture capital firms, have a genuine interest in Esports, which are no longer exotic enterprises in a specialised market. Three primary factors make an investment in Esports appealing: its rapid development, its mostly millennial and older audience, and its variety of business strategies. In contrast to popular belief, only 51% of Esports supporters are now located in Asia. Most fans are concentrated in North America, Europe, and Asia. In reality, North America and Europe now have a significant position in the global gaming and Esports ecosystem.

Competitive gaming fosters collaboration and social skills and allows you to see the various game strategies used by your teammates. It's a fantastic method to use modern technology breakthroughs while engaging in healthy competition. The benefit of competitive gaming is that it develops a resilient attitude that makes it difficult to give up quickly, which may be helpful in real-life circumstances.

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