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Career in Esports As A Game Tester

Case Study Nov 27, 2022

For many people, especially those who have grown up surrounded by the video entertainment medium, becoming a video game tester sounds like their ideal career. You can enjoy hours of entertainment as part of your profession while also making money.

You can get early access to the newest pre-released games by signing up to be a game tester. Video game enthusiasts would adore this job choice.

In this blog, we'll be talking about games testing as a career and the opportunities available in the field!

Who is a game tester?

A game tester, often known as a video game tester, is a person who plays video games, tests their features, and finds problems and glitches before they are made available to the general public. In order to improve games and make sure they are user-ready, game testers frequently work for video game firms alongside game developers and programmers.

A game tester often performs two different functions:

  • Playtesters concentrate on evaluating the user experience of a game, including its potential for boredom or ambiguity, how enjoyable it is to play, and how many triumphs you can get while working toward the goal of the game.
  • Quality assurance testers' main objective is spotting game bugs, malfunctions, and inconsistencies.

The gaming sector is anticipated to increase from $229.16 billion in 2021 to $545.98 billion in 2028, according to Fortune Business Insights. Game testers in the US receive an average salary of $66,486 per year, according to Glassdoor. A new career path or several opportunities to game test as a side gig may be available to you in light of these statistics.

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What does a video game tester do?

You may have a significant impact on the gaming industry and community by working as a game tester. Before games are released, testers assist developers in finding and fixing bugs, trouble places, and negative aspects. Costs are reduced when post-release errors are avoided. Effective testing enhances the overall quality of the game and user pleasure, paving the way for the economic success of the game.

Video game tester responsibilities

Video game testers are responsible for several important tasks. Most importantly, they are expected to play video games with a more critical eye than when playing games for entertainment. That way, they can identify technical and creative problems that could result in a negative user experience, including:

  • When a player becomes trapped in a section of the game
  • When a movement graphic doesn’t work
  • When the controls don’t feel intuitive
  • Areas of the game that aren’t enjoyable
  • Confusion about the game, its concept, or the objective.

How can you become a game tester?

There are various routes you can take if you want to work as a game tester. To investigate your possibilities, acquire knowledge and experience, and find prospects for a career or side business, follow the steps listed below.

1. Upgrade your gaming practice

The most crucial step to becoming a game tester is to start playing intentionally and responsibly. Your objectives ought to be:

  • Play a variety of gaming genres, including sports, real-time strategy, and multiplayer online war arenas, to get a variety of experiences.
  • Learn how to play games on a variety of gaming consoles, as well as on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.
  • Determine what elements would make games better.
  • Practice describing your gaming experiences in detail.

2. Build technical knowledge and skills in game testing

Utilize a strong base of technical skills to supplement your gaming practice.

  • Learn the fundamental duties of a game tester, such as playing through the entire game, looking for bugs and glitches, and suggesting changes to the developers.
  • Find out what terms like playtesting, code release, performance testing, and minimum viable product mean in quality assurance.
  • Learn about renowned gaming firms and businesses such as Electronic Arts, Nintendo, and Ubisoft.
  • Boost your analytical, reporting, technical writing, and strategic thinking abilities.
  • Study technical writing and reporting.

Consider taking courses, obtaining certifications, or pursuing a degree in game design, computer programming, or a comparable field to develop these skills.

3. Participate in public beta testing

Public beta testing is a fantastic opportunity to get knowledge about new games, hone your testing abilities, and even earn in-game incentives. To locate opportunities to take part in open tests, look through beta testing websites for gamers like Game Tester, Alpha Beta Gamer, and BetaBound - Games. Keep track of what you learn by documenting your procedure for each test.

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4. Build a game tester resume

As you gain expertise, knowledge, and experience in game testing, you should create a résumé that highlights your qualifications. Include your formal game tester training, any qualifications or degrees you've received, as well as your actual game tester expertise.

List the games you played if you took part in any public beta tests, along with the problems and glitches you discovered, the gameplay elements you assessed, and the date the game was (or will be) made available to the general public.

5. Apply for game tester jobs

You could find it helpful to do job searches on several employment sites for this phase, including general job sites like Indeed and Glassdoor and sites unique to the gaming industry, like Gaming Jobs Online and Hitmaker.

Pay close attention to the income details, the skills and qualifications needed, and the connected responsibilities and projects for each job posting.

Opportunities for Video Game Testers

The national average salary of a game tester is ₹19,387 per month. The exact pay rate may vary as per the game development company, location, job duties, work hours, experience, skills, and required equipment. Experienced game testers who work full-time for large game development companies may earn higher salaries. Game testers who work part-time or on limited contracts may have lower earnings in comparison.

We hope this blog helped you in learning more about game testing if you're interested in this field!

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