Tournafest now has over 3 million total users.

Credits to Tournafest. Tournafest now has over 3 million total users.

7 Tips to Grow your Club on Tournafest

Community Aug 13, 2022

To grow a club on Tournafest, you must have a target audience and clear marketing plan. Read more to know all about it.

With the Esports market valued at over $1 billion and the most exciting collaborations kicking in each day, more and more people want to create and build their presence in the industry. Esports can no longer be considered a fun thing considering the total market value and the fact that the top-earning Esports players have won over $7 million!

If professions in Esports are concerned-there are innumerable professions. To name some- gamers, organizing clubs, game developers, influencers, streamers, casters, and so many more. Hence, Esports is not only becoming one of the biggest industries ever but also the creation of jobs in a time where finding jobs is quite a task in countries that are still developing! In all, the work in the Esports industry is being carried out day in and day out at the fastest pace with the governments' involvement too in many areas worldwide.

Even at Tournafest, with a community of over 3 lakh users, we’re on the constant mission of building an Esports ecosystem like never before- a place where the gamers & clubs coexist and grow by supporting each other. If we talk just about the clubs, with all the perks & automation available, the main task that remains to be accomplished is the task to grow their club on the App.

After the recent addition of the ‘Club Membership’ feature, it becomes really necessary to add to your club all the genuine members to stand out and be the best. But how can they actually do it?

Credits to Tournafest. Guide on how you can grow your club on Tournafest.

Here’s the complete guide for you if you are an Esports organizer and are searching for ways to grow your club on Tournafest.

1. Identify your TARGET AUDIENCE.

You should know your target audience well. To be precise, know what kind of people you want in your club! Once you’re sure of the categorization, you’re all set to create the perfect strategy plan to grab the attention of that particular set audience.

All it takes is a bit of research and the perfect strategic plan! It is quite obvious that if you’re organizing tournaments of FreeFire MAX, then you don’t need to pitch to the BGMI gamers!

2. Offer perks that people find interesting!

To attract a particular set audience into your club, showcase the features that actually are of significance to the audience(gamers here). For instance, if you’re planning on a marketing campaign to display the benefits of the in-club members, then make sure to mention the perks that matter.


+Exclusive Tournaments for the members

+Club members on the priority list always

+Access to Private Channels

+Tier Level Chats

And so on!

3. Consistent Marketing on various platforms.

If you’re starting as a club on Tournafest, then you’re exposed to a wide audience of over 3 lakh gamers since the beginning that indeed gives a kick start to your organizing journey! But to be clear, this won’t be enough if you’re really serious about building & growing your club.

Credits to Tournafest. Marketing is crucial for any startup, business, or brand. It's important for the Esports clubs too.

You can always start with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and then reach on instant messaging social platforms like Discord, where you can find & connect with communities alike. The sky is the limit-you decide what’s yours!

4. Set an environment for your Club.

It’s always nice seeing a community growing, but with growth comes shortcomings. Toxicity is one of them. It’s important to get rid of toxic members from your community.

Why it’s important to get rid of them?

At the start, it might seem nice to see all the new members getting involved in your community but once the toxic ones start their dirty work- there’s no going back. You might even stand on the verge of losing everything. So, keep it a regular practice to trim out the toxic members and maintain a healthy environment.

5. Keep your audience busy and engaged.

Yes, gaming was supposed to be just for fun but now it isn’t. Everyone’s putting their time and efforts to extract some or the other kinds of benefits or profits. Hence, make it a practice to keep reminding your members what you have in store for all your members-perks, the advantages & profits of being associated with your club.

Also, answer the question of ‘WHY YOU’ to your club members to remind them why they initially choose you and why they should continue to stay. You might also arrange for some giveaways for your loyal batches! Remember that specialized events will always create demand.

6. Build Connections with Gamers & Communities alike.

It’s always said that you receive what you give. Always support the gamers-be it the usuals or the underdogs or the budding organizing clubs. You always reap what you sow. Building connections is always a plus point and very important in an industry like Esports, where everything is supposed to be Electronic(sports)!

Credits to Tournafest. Staying connected to members of the community is essential to grow at a faster pace.

Connect, socialize & grow with communities alike by making use of all the exciting features offered by a platform that cares- Tournafest!

It does not matter how good your services are or how much effort you are putting in. What matters is how quick you are to hop on to trends or adapt to the changes in the industry. Gamers always want something new & adventurous- that’s why they play Games.

If you wanna keep your audience hooked for a long time, then you need to work really hard to provide something extra, special, and diverse! Keep updating your Club members’ inclusive perks as per your user’s requirements and there you are on the right path to being one of the best!

This was all for the tips that you can make use of to grow your Club as an Organizer on Tournafest. Having discussed the strategic viewpoints of the blog, it’s time for you to understand that the graph doesn’t always have a growing nature- sometimes, you need to fall before you actually rise. Hence, consider the failures & shortcomings as part of the process and your growth, and eventually, you’ll be there- having created and built the most respected & enormous clubs ever! We hope that these tips might help you out. Stay tuned for more such tips & tricks.

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