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7 Best Free PC Esports Titles To Try Right Now

Community Nov 3, 2022

7 Free Esports titles to try now!

PC Esports games being expensive is a big deal breaker for many freshers. It is normal to be sketchy about a game before investing a large sum of money in the face of the obvious difficulties that occur during a refund. Not everyone has the luxury to buy games but that is no reason to be sad given there are plenty of free Esports games to try. These games are completely free to play and you can hit the ground running right off the bat.


Valorant's esports scene is growing at a rapid pace. Photo via Riot. 

Arguably the hottest game in the world right now, Valorant boast an incredible Esports scene. Completely free to play, all the game modes are readily available and upon reaching certain levels with your account, you can access all the game modes. The game does offer skins and additional elements that can be purchased with money, but all such things are secondary and core functionalities are free. A first-person shooter in nature, it follows the age old plant and defuse format with 5-a-side teams. Riot marketed Valorant as an Esport and rightfully so, it has roped in several players from other Esports titles, most notably CSGO. This proves that Valorant is growing at a rapid pace and its Esports scene is thriving so goes without saying that it deserves a shot.


Dota 2 has one of the biggest learning curves. Photo via Steam.

Defence of the Ancient aka Dota is one of the most popular games on the face of this planet. While it is true that its Esports scene is far from its peak, the love for Dota has died one bit amongst its players. It is hard to be a PC gamer and not have come across Dota as a suggestion from peers. The game is as old as any other and has a player base that can rival even the most thriving games. One major concern is its learning curve, which is where most new players give up. Fans believe that it is the most difficult game to learn, but once you have understood the basics, it is a joyride. DOTA 2 can be downloaded for free on Steam.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Having launched over 10 years ago, CSGO has one of the biggest esports scene. Photo via Steam. 

Everyone’s favourite first-person shooter, CSGO, just like DOTA, has been around as long as anyone can remember. Widely considered the game with the best Esports scene, it has turned into a free game. Even though it is not completely free, certain Prime services require a considerable amount, but for what it's worth, the free version offers plenty of services for a new gamer to enjoy. CSGO is the game everyone pops their first-person shooter cherry with and requires a lot of mechanical prowess which comes with time and practice. The idea around CS is that it helps build the necessary mechanics that help players excel in other shooting games. The game has plenty of issues and there is no two way about it, despite all that the game managed to survive for this long while retaining the majority of its player base is simply remarkable. If you want to start an FPS Esports, CSGO should be on your list.


Fortnite esports to limited to a few regions. Photo via Epic Games.

The game gave rise to several of Twitch’s top content creators namely Ninja and Tfue. Fortnite once flooded the internet and everyone was playing it, from kids to celebrities, the game had all. Their association with the likes of Marvel and DC opened the game up to a bigger audience which clearly played off in terms of publicity. Unfortunately, its Esports scene is restricted to certain regions as other regions did not pick it up as a competitive game. If you want to be a pro player and you have Fortnite thriving as an Esports in your region, there is no harm in going for it.


PUBG PC has the biggest BR esports scene out there. Photo via Steam.

Arguably, it is Fortnite’s chief rival but boasts a bigger player base and is spread across a lot more regions. One can argue that the mobile game is more popular than the PC version, but the Esports scene surrounding the PC game cannot be ignored altogether. Player Unknown’s Battle Ground sent shockwaves across the gaming industry and fans were loving the Battle Royal nature as it offered something different from what they were used to. It took no time for PUBG to become one of the most popular games out there, but back then it came with a heavy price tag which fortunately has been completely ripped off in recent years. PUBG can be downloaded for free from Steam but it does require a beefier PC than other games in the list.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is available for free on Origin. Photo via Origin. 

Another Battle Royale game that was supposed to shake up the BR Esports space, but faced the same fate as Fortnite. It can boast players from many regions, but the said regions did not focus on its Esports side, which has been restricted to a few regions. The game took a different approach to BR with a dystopian setting and characters with different abilities that help out in a team environment. It also has a mobile game, but neither could rival the Esports scene of some of the other games on the list. It does fill the criteria of being free to play and can be found on Origin.

Rocket League

The 2015 sensation is available for free. Photo via EPIC Games.

Again, despite being free to play, not many regions have adopted Rocket League as an Esport. Truth be told, the game wasn’t like other conventional competitive games, this was football, but instead foot, players have to use cars to put the ball in the net. The concept was extremely refreshing and unlike anything, we have seen before. Back in 2015 when it launched, the game was an instant hit and everyone started playing it, lately, there have been schools that have adopted it to leverage the interest students have in games and drive them towards other areas.

Rainbow Six Seige

R6 is available for free on Steam. Photo via Steam.

Tom Clancy’s games are always tactical in Nature and R6 was no different. It had tons of game modes and a thriving Esports scene. It was closest to real-life insurgencies than any other game, but came with a big pricetag. Not long ago, the game was turned into a free-to-play title while keeping some premium stuff locked. The game was an instant hit and had players flocking to it from other Esports. Once labelled as the hardest FPS to learn,  R6 evolved into a great Esports title but not on the scale of Valorant or CSGO, despite, the game boasting a healthy player base and still going strong years after its initial release.

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