Best platforms for gamers to socialize. Photo via Pinterest.

Best platforms for gamers to socialize. Photo via Pinterest. 

5 Best Platforms for Gamers to Socialize!

Community Nov 1, 2022

Gamers often find it difficult to socialize but there are ways for them to do it, especially via several platforms where gamers can find a haven and socialize with relative ease. With so many gamers online, it is not too difficult to find friends on so many platforms available online. These platforms can be really helpful to perform constructive debates, form opinions and exchange ideas. While there are many downsides to these platforms, one cannot simply ignore the obvious benefits that it offers to gamers all across the world. Socializing the in the right amount can never go wrong and all the benefits would are too obvious to ignore. We have put together a few platforms that are ideal for socializing with gamers.

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Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming offers more than just a community for gamers. Photo via Facebook. 

Not so long ago, Facebook launched its gaming division named Facebook Gaming. Sharing a model similar to that of other streaming platforms, Facebook was too big a community to go unnoticed by gamers. Long before any other gaming-specific communities arose Facebook users were forming groups pages dedicated to gaming. While Facebook housed several communities and groups catering to different niches, Gaming was one that harbored a big audience. Besides communities, top esports and gaming organizations use it as a marketing platform for announcements and promotions which makes it a mixed bag for everything pertaining to gaming and esports. Facebook was launched ideally for connecting and sharing so gamers can hardly go wrong, besides there are tons of groups and communities catering to those looking for friends in the gaming space. Putting everything aside, Facebook offers a streaming platform for those that looking to live stream their gameplay to a huge audience and Facebook has been often praised for uplifting lesser-known content creators, so together it offers a great package to gamers.


Discord has built a social media over their voice module. Photo via Discord.

Originally coming as a cooler alternative to Teamspeak, Discord added tons of features that have turned it into a full-fledged social network that millions of gamers dig every day. Little by little Discord has added functionalities that have turned it into more than just a voice chat app for gamers. While Teamspeak used simplicity and its lightweight nature as its selling point, Discord went a different route to build a whole social network around its voice chat module. Discord offers tons of features including screen sharing in an instant. Discord servers are more like social media groups where sharing different types of media is possible which encourages community building and gives space to enable discussions on a lot of mutual topics. Discord was designed with gamers in mind but expanding its functionalities to support a wider audience has helped them build an incredibly big audience. This flexibility has made them a company worth $15 billion despite not being more than 8 years old. Discord now accommodates communities of all sorts not just gaming and this very reason has given rise to so many communities in recent times. As we said, the app was designed with gamers in mind and it is available on almost all conventional platforms including a web-based service you can never go wrong looking for communities in Discord.

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Reddit is one of the most popular news aggregation websites. Photo via Reddit.

Reddit is one of the most popular online news aggregation websites that house gamers. There are so many communities or as Reddit calls them, subreddits, dedicated to gamers across the globe. These communities are really helpful to find like-minded gamers to discuss upcoming trends and events in the gaming space. Reddit is also the place where data miners go to leak early information on upcoming events, games, and sometimes personal information of popular personalities. Reddit has long been synonymous with gaming communities and houses a lot of them, although it is not a social media like Facebook, it still has a large user base that engages on a daily basis. Founded back in 2003, Reddit has evolved into this large place for discussion that offers gamers a place to interact with each other. However, one would not ideally find friends here but coming across people who share your opinion or views happens there on a daily basis. To get quick updates and news surrounding your favorite game and Esports, Reddit is the place to be.


Steam has been one of the most popular game distribution platforms of all time. Photo via Steam.

Steam is not exactly a social media but it does promote communication and discussion through communities. Steam was ideally launched as a platform to download games but the social media side of it cannot be ignored. Steam is widely used as a platform to connect and engage with your friends who play games that are up there on Steam. Some of the best Esports titles like CSGO and PUBG are launched on Steam. Besides gaming, Steam offers the promotion of in-game skins, artworks, and many others which have been used to build a community around. While Steam is an essential platform as it has some of the most popular games, lately they are putting in the effort to build a social presence, most notably the Steam Chat Mobile App has been separated from the primary Steam App.

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