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5 Best Free Fire MAX Players In India

Community Apr 5, 2022

The gaming business has recently received a lot of attention and fame. The number of users and gamers that play online games has increased, particularly during the COVID period. According to, in 2020, the global number of gaming video content viewers surpassed 1.2 billion, up from 944 million in 2019. The excitement and love for games have been there for a long time, but in recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of gaming aficionados. Free Fire is a new game that has piqued the interest of gamers; there are many top free-fire players in India, which we will explore later.

Following the ban of PUBG in several nations, Free Fire, as well as gaming in general, has grown in popularity. Millions of people all across the world, including India, play the free fire game. When PUBG was made illegal in India, the number aof free-fire gamers skyrocketed. And the game's large user community fosters a great deal of rivalry. As we observed in the case of PUBG Mobile, the best Free Fire players in India are gaining notoriety and fame for their gaming and spontaneity. Garena Free Fire is known for its fast and intense matches. You're in a chamber of just 50 people, knocking off your opponents one by one as only one man remains.

Garena Free Fire is now one of the most well-known and well-respected names in the Battle Royale genre. Many people all around the world are addicted to online games, which also have a significant following in India. Because of the games' growing popularity, several top Indian professionals have participated in domestic and international Free Fire tournaments to show off their skills.

In recent months, there have been numerous Free Fire events at the international and regional levels. Many of India's top Free Fire players have demonstrated their value on such stages.

That begs the question: Who are India's best free-fire players? Without further ado, here is a list of India's top Free Fire MAX players. So let's get started with the list:

5) Jash, TSG:

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TSG Jash is unquestionably one of the top 10 free-fire players in the country, and he is a member of the TSG Squad. In regard to people who are unfamiliar, the TSG Squad was one of two Indian competitors who competed in the Free Fire Asia competition last year. TSJ Jash is one of the leading 1% of Free Fire players worldwide, with high scores in nearly every play mode. TSG Jash, with his amazing game expertise, takes the top place. Jash is the founder of the well-known gaming club, Two-Side Gamers. He is regarded as one of the most impeccable and eminent Free Fire players. His abilities and game skills may easily propel him to the top of the heroic tier in rated battles.

TSG Jash and TSG Ritik are seasoned players. They are both professional footballers who have played together for a long time. They've made a name for themselves on YouTube through their channel, Two-Side Gamers. Their YouTube account has almost 6.3 million subscribers.

TSG: Jash is a member of the TSG Army, which has represented India in a number of international arenas. TSG Army is an Indian team that has been invited to the 2019 Free Fire Asia Invitational. The adolescent is well-known for his outstanding headshot kills, triumphs, and KD ratios. He also gets high ratings in the single, dual, and team game modes. In season 12, Jash achieved a heroic tier and a perfect score of 3354.

4) Rakesh Shetty:

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Rakesh0007 is a top-tier Free Fire player. He is a member of the BOSS guild and has played 19,116 squad battles. As a member of the squad, he has played in 5,945 games.

Rakesh00007 is a well-known YouTuber who enjoys live streaming and uploading gameplay videos to his channel. His YouTube channel has around 600,000 subscribers.

Rakesh is not just a professional player, but also a content creator. He also has a YouTube channel. He has a high percentage of headshots. He has a headshot success rate of over 44 percent. Without a doubt, he will be among India's top ten free-fire players in 2021. He has a 32.41 percent win rate. He won 5,849 of the 81,264 games he played. He launched his YouTube channel in 2017. He has 394 subscribers and over 17 million views on his channel. His kill total in team mode is also rather impressive, with around 85883 kills. He has a K/D ratio of approximately 6.52.

3) Raistar:

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Raistar is among Free Fire's most famous and well-known players. His gaming abilities were so outstanding that many suspected he was employing hacks. He is a major member of the Free Fire group/team. Raistar has a YouTube channel with over 2.28 million subscribers. He's established a reputation for himself due to his amazing mobility in gameplay and incredible talents.

He is also one of the most popular content creators on YouTube. He is well-known in the Indian public sphere. The majority of his fans say he is India's best free-fire player.

2) Sudip Sarkar:

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Sudip Sarkar is a well-known character in Free Fire. In Season 12, he was in the top 22% of all players worldwide. He excels in close combat and moves quickly. He is a tactical player who plays to eliminate and eventually win. On his YouTube channel, Gyan Gaming, he also uploads videos of himself enjoying Free Fire, which has over 2 million subscribers.

1 Action Bolt:

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Anup Mandal, commonly known as Action Bolt, is without a doubt one of India's most well-known free-fire gamers.

He is one of the most well-known and popular Indian Free Fire players. Action Bolt has taken part in 17773 squad battles, winning 7959 of them for a 44.78 percent win rate. If his data is accurate, he holds a monstrous KD ratio of 5.77, which is astounding.

He participated in 1450 Duo battles and killed 4390 opponents, giving him a victory percentage of roughly 26% and a KD Ratio of 4.06. According to legend, this well-known FF player played 1870 single games. The KD ratio of Action Bolt in solo engagements is slightly lower than in duo and squad encounters.

That’s all for this article, we hope you enjoyed it and found some new talent to keep an eye out for.

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