Credits to Pokemon Unite is just getting better and better!

Credits to Pokemon Unite is just getting better and better!

10 things you didn't know about Pokemon Unite as a Beginner!

Community Sep 2, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into some of the unknown facts like teleporting and healing at base that every beginner should know!

By now, you might have almost a good idea about Pokemon Unite. However, we are quite sure that there are some facts or things you still do not know about Pokemon Unite, and we are here today to blow your mind! In this blog, we bring you the top 10 things or facts that you did not know about Pokemon Unite as a beginner. If you are a pro player, we are extremely sure that you know them all.

Top 10 Things a Beginner Should know in Pokemon Unite

Without wasting much time, let us get into the top 10 things in Pokemon Unite that you should know:

Controlling Your Controls

Credits to The Gamer. Customise your settings.

This is one of the best features of Pokemon Unite! Basically, you get a good amount of customisation. The developers of the game wanted the game to be easier to handle than the other MOBA games, hence they give the players a lot of control in trying to change the settings and control in the game. You can change your settings to your own needs, even set up different buttons for different attacks on the enemies, and can even try to set buttons which will help you to differentiate between attacking an enemy with full HP, and a low HP. This high level of customisation makes the game all the more fun and intense to play!

Testing Pokemon

Credits to The Gamer. You can test the Pokemon at the Practice Area.

Imagine you are playing a game, and you find that you can unlock a new character if you spend some sort of money or hard-earned XPs, and you find out that the character is not at all worth it. This will certainly make you feel betrayed. Hence, the developers have come up with the idea that you can actually test out all the Pokemon characters in the game, without even owning them! All you have to go is to the Practice Area, and you will find that you have access to all the Pokemon characters! Now you can test them all out and find out which one is worth it for you!

The enemy is not the main aim.

Credits to Nintendo. You have to go for the wild Pokemon. 

This is quite a refreshing idea for a MOBA game, where the enemy need not be the main aim. You have to defeat the enemy in the end, but you do not have to focus on the enemy throughout the whole match. Most of the time, you will be more focused on getting XPs and trying to level up yourself or farm Wild Pokemon. This is quite a different way to go about a game where you do not always have to go against the enemy to win the game.

Base Healing

Credits to GameRant. The Remoat Stadium map.

This is again something that not a lot of beginners know, or do not follow through. However, we are sure that you know the Remoat Stadium map and know that it is quite big in shape. However, something that you might not have known before is that the base of the map gives a good position to heal. This means, that when you are in an intense fight with either the wild Pokemon or the enemies, and your supporter is down too, you can easily just teleport back to the base, and heal yourself automatically. However, the downside of it is that you might lose a lot of time going and coming back from there. Hence, make sure to use this point cleverly.


Did you know that you can hide in the grass in the game? However, it is not always the solution to get into the grass. However, when you feel that you cannot keep up with the enemy, and might die, or feel overwhelmed by the fight, then you can get into the grass. However, you have to make sure that the enemy does not see you, or is not locked on to you. Otherwise, they will follow you into the grass and then attack you there.

Credits to GameRant. Hiding in the grass.

Once you do manage to hide in the grass, then you can try to relax a bit, where your health might improve a bit. From there, you can quickly run away to your home base, or to your teammates.

Updating Items

Usually, in MOBA games, you can earn weapon skins, and customize your own character, but that is it. When it comes to Pokemon Unite, you do actually own the items that you have won, or gotten by earning levels and XPs in the game. These items can be used inside the game, which makes it all the more fun.

Credits to Games8. Items in the menu.

Another interesting concept is that you can also update these items that will help you during your matches. Hence, make sure to grind in the game, so that you can get better items and defeat your enemies easily. You can also examine their stats and get to decide which item you will be using and when.

Turn On A Lock-On Wheel

Credits to The Gamer. Lock-on Wheel.

While playing other MOBA games, you might have often gotten confused as to which enemy you are attacking, for there is chaos with so many people inside the circle. However, the developers of Pokemon Unite have come up with something that has made things simpler! There is a Lock-On Wheel, which will help you manually aim at your enemy using your joystick. In the wheel, you will be given the option of which of the enemies you are going to attack, and then once you select which one, you will be attacking only that person. It helps a lot when there are a lot of Pokemon in the same area fighting off each other.

Map Pinging

Credits to EmulatorPC. Minimap on the screen.

This feature is extremely useful as it will make it easier to give out information to your teammates during intense moments. You must have noticed the minimap in the top left corner of the screen. In that minimap, you can actually ping certain areas, which will help you to tell your teammates which areas are dangerous or which areas have wild Pokemon available.

Combo Attack

Credits to GameSpot. Combo Attack can be used.

You can even whip out a combo attack when you are fighting with someone in the game, and what is the best part? Well, your Pokemon does not get tired after it! This means that you can go on and give two singular attacks before the combo, or even after, and your Pokemon will not lag for it! But if the combo attack fails, you might get a low HP. However, there are certain situations when this combo attack gets activated, so make sure to keep your eye on it!

This video might be of interest:


This is another thing that you can do in Pokemon Unite, but many do not know about it. Mostly, all the walls in the game are made to prevent the players from going from one place to another directly and following the lanes. However, if you have the Battle Item of Eject, then there are certain walls that you can teleport through, and either sneakily attack your enemies, or run away to your base and teammates and give them the information.

Double Score

Credits to Destructoid. Zapdos gives you 110 points!

Once the match clock hits 2:00, that is you have 2 minutes left, the wild Pokemon Zapdos arrives, and all the scores become double. This makes the game all the more fun. If one is able to defeat Zapdos, that team will end up getting 110 points, which is quite a lot, and hence this would always give the edge to turn the game around anytime!


These were some of the things that we bet you did not know can be done in Pokemon Unite as a beginner. However, we are pretty sure that you will find more such things as you spend time in the game!

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