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10 PC games with the most realistic graphics

Community Jun 15, 2022

With high-end processors and graphic optimizing software, PC games can offer a very realistic and intriguing gaming experience. With some extra contrast and highlighting features in the graphic settings, the gameplay can offer some unbelievable realism, unlike that of the console gaming experience.

Possibly the reason why most gamers prefer PC over PS4/PS5 for esports and other competitive purposes. Herein, we are expecting you to have at least 8GB RAM, i5/i7/AMD 5 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / GeForce GTX 1650 or Radeon HD 7950 graphic card. Also, the games listed here are the ones which provide elite-quality of graphics and have nothing to do with how good the game-play is and how much it offers for a competitive and adventurous spirit. But if you are one of many who at least want to experience some amazing gaming graphics with a touch of realism embedded in it, we’ve got you!

So here are 10 PC games which will offer you the most realistic graphics:

Resident Evil Village

Source: Wired

Developed and managed by Capcom, Resident Evil Village comes with amazing graphic transitions and with a very intriguing storyline. When perfectly synced with the quality NVIDIA and AMD Radeon provide, this game can glitter your eyes the moment you start playing. With the already-built hype of previous versions of Resident Evil, this game will not disappoint its loyal fans who hugely respect the realistic gameplay and story plot Capcom provides.

Batman Arkham Knight

Although this game was released in 2015, Batman Arkham Knight still comes in our top 10 games with the most realistic games. It is due to how the development company Rocksteady pulled off magical gameplay which included the legendary presence of Arkham Knight with the realism of transitions like volumetric smoking and heroic walk in foggy lights.

Mixed with high-end graphic cards and an apt processor, this game will not disappoint anyone who wishes to have a realistic experience of fantasy-based gameplay. Not too hardcore Batman fans, for sure!

Star Wars Battlefront II

Themed with a plot-line of the star wars universe, Starwars Battlefront II comes with a package of Sci-fi quality graphics to the highest degree of photogenic. Developed by DICE, this game has more to offer than just a regular battlefront game the storyline is built around the already released star wars movies and even the character used act quite similarly to how we've seen them in the past.

With high-quality detailing of how every character reacts and the amazing feature of mapping your enemies by zooming them in, this game really bridges the gap between animated gameplay and movie-based effects.


With the use of NVIDIA’s AI transitions to the graphics of particular gameplay, playing Control on a PC can provide a sublime experience. The high-end quality and the enriching details embedded in it directs the way PC gaming is headed now. This game really has the potential to replace or even provide a better gaming experience than that seen in Xbox or PlayStations.

Adopting the DLSS graphic technologies from NVIDIA, Control provides realistic graphics to feature five ray-tracing methods: reflection, debris, indirect diffuse lightning, transparent reflections, and contact shadows. Playing and observing the realism provided in the motions of Control is a real treat to gamers.

Source: PC Gamer

Final Fantasy XV

Released in 2016 and developed by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XV stretches the limits of cinematic and CGI graphics to a whole new level. Initially released on PS2, this game was said to be the best graphic game ever released to that date. After its highly hyped release on PC, this game stood with its legacy quite well. Earlier, finding apt specifications to play this game with the elite quality was difficult. However, now as graphic technologies have come a long way, this game can be some hell of an experience for those who love fantasy-based adventurous games.

The storyline and the realistic cinematography used to engage the gamers from the very start, will not disappoint you at all if you think this game is old enough now.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding has some of the most gorgeous melancholy environments you’ll ever witness in a game. All the motion scenes from this game look extremely stunning. The entire landscape feels immersive while yet feeling terribly lonely, from lush plains to parched deserts to burning cold mountain tops. It is commendable to see how amazing the details of the characters have been synchronized, from how crisp the models look to the pores on their skin.

Forza Horizon 5

Probably the best racing game available on the internet, Forza Horizon 5 will not fail to give you the most realistic experience of car racing. With sensitive touches as observed in high-end racing cars and esteem quality transitions while drifting or hitting other vehicles, this game will not disappoint anyone who loves the genre of racing games.

The game tends to provide several career-based missions and with this version of Forza Horizon, you’ll be surprised how realistic the cars look and function as per their features inside out.

Source: IGN Media

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition

Developed by 4A studios, the realistic graphics provided are stunning, demonstrating how lighting affects our perception of realism in games. All light sources produce simulated light beams that bounce off objects and disperse naturally as they tend to reflect back the light, just similar to how we see in real life. Used with DLSS transitions, similar to as described in Control, this game enhances the performance of your gaming experience with no added cost. If you want to witness what the future of gaming will look like, this is the game you would like to go with.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games never fails to deliver and is continuously pushing the boundaries of graphics fidelity with its huge legacy left behind. Red Dead 2 is without a doubt is of the most hyped games this year due to its high demanding gaming experience and probably the best form of story-based gameplay you can have on PC.

When compared with PS4, PC definitely provides a far better experience, Not because of how easy the controls are, but also due to the fact that NVIDIA and AMD Radeon tend to catch the most appropriate gaming transitions to be used and also control how strong or lowkey the sound effects should be.

Cyberpunk 2077

With its esteem quality nightlife gaming experience unrealistic realistic detailing to each aspect of the gameplay, Cyberpunk 2077 is definitely the best game having the most realistic graphics. Agreed that the game is still far away from being completely optimized, but it still offers you so much with its beautiful city views.

Apart from the fact that ray-traced lighting substantially alters the visual makeup of a scene, cyberpunk-style worlds appear fantastic in a ray-traced environment due to the abundance of neon lights that brighten and reflect off city walls. It's an experience that's now only available on PC, and it's a sight to behold.

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