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10 PC Classics That Are Still Worth Playing!

Community Apr 19, 2022

The best and most memorable computer games are full of emotional appeal. They do not have the same visuals as modern games and can even appear awkward at times, but these classic computer games have stood the test in other ways. There are so many notable titles out there, whether it's because of their storylines, history, or influence. So, whether you want to rediscover an old favorite or see what all the fuss is about, we're here to share our love of the best retro PC games.

Below is a tribute to those PC classics that prove that excellent vintage games are truly ageless and merit your time even today. If you missed any of these unique PC gaming experiences, make up for it with the best vintage games available.

1. Baldur’s Gate:

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If role-playing games are your thing, Baldur's Gate is your jam. The isometric RPG, which is based on the D&D game recreated in the Infinity Engine, is divided into chapters and enables players to create their characters as they proceed through combat, side missions, and the main storyline. Gamers raised on modern role-playing games may struggle to adjust to the tactical Dungeons & Dragons combat and voluminous dialogue, but it is precisely these characteristics that have helped Baldur's Gate II stand the test of time as one of the best old PC games. Amn's dark fantasy setting is a delight to explore with your band of companions, who are memorable for their outstanding writing and catchy sound-bites.

2. Quake:

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It's difficult to imagine anything dethroning Doom from the hall of fame of PC gaming greats. However, it is in Quake where Id's concept of demonic corridor-shooting is most successfully realized. Quake is the more impactful of the two ancestors of those fantastic brands to return in 2016. Doom's cacodemons and hell knight sprites are now clichés, but Quake's roster of far less familiar abominations—all lipless mouths and faceless creatures—still frightens.

It was also the first shooter videogame to include maps designed exclusively for multiplayer play, and clans sprang up in the community as a result. The videogame is arguably as influential as Doom in defining the contemporary gaming landscape. The game spawned a franchise, the most recent of which is the forthcoming Quake Champions, a rapid arena shooter available in Early Access on Steam.

3. Doom:

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Doom is indeed the parent of all the first-person shooters, and the world of gun-toting videogames would be a very different place if it weren't for it. Doom is a sci-fi horror film that follows an unnamed space marine as he fights off swarms of hellspawn that have infiltrated the base on Mars. Despite its lack of depth in terms of plot, the game included 3D graphics and networked multiplayer.

Doom may now be played on almost anything, from a photocopier to an ATM. However, there's good news: you don't have to. In 2016, the game received a revamp that is appropriately shooty and provides players with a veritable armory to play with.

4. Half-Life:

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Half-Life‘s storyline and the realism of its fictitious world were unrivaled in the genre back in 1998. They were, in fact, unrivaled in the gaming industry. In the beginning, when you soar through Black Mesa Research Facility, it's breathtaking. Radioactive garbage flies by, funny remarks blare from the ceiling speakers, and doorways open or close all around. In between all the alien battling and physics-based pondering, Valve created a world full of details and complexities that you could dig through. This game is not only one of the best old games but also one of the best developed, thanks to smooth level transitions and a storyline that never strayed from the first-person perspective.

5. Diablo 2:

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On PC, the Diablo franchise is among the most well-known, with Diablo 2 being the greatest of the group. It improved on its predecessor's genre-defining gameplay while avoiding the auction houses and dragging the tale of Diablo 3. Diablo2 is distinguished by its high-intensity action RPG features, which have been mimicked but rarely surpassed by other games over the years, as well as its grungy, well-animated pixel visuals. It doesn't need to move with the times because its loot-'em-up action is so enticing. Because Blizzard perfected this model, Diablo II has entirely defied the usual videogame life cycle.

6. Deus-Ex:

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Deus Ex may not have aged as well as some of the other pixel-era videogames on this list in terms of visuals, but its rich RPG features, dense hub-worlds, and interesting conspiracy plot make it worthy of inclusion on any PC gaming bucket list. Deus Ex is a cyberpunk action role-playing game that addresses societal inequity, technological advancement, and human enhancement. The main character, JC Denton, is an entry-level cyborg, and his first job as an anti-terrorist agent is to track down the criminals behind a looted shipment of vaccines for a deadly pandemic. But nothing is ever that simple, and he soon becomes involved in a conspiracy that puts him against several sinister organizations, such as the Illuminati and the Triads, to name a few.

7. StarCraft:

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StarCraft is a real-time strategy video game set in the vastness of space that was released before Activision bought Blizzard's parent company, Vivendi. Players select amongst three races and build bases and manage the resources until they are powerful enough to take the assets of others. In its first year, the game was the best-selling PC game, and it has since become a pop culture phenomenon in South Korea. Even though StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty was published in 2010, the original was remastered in 2017.

8. Final Fantasy 8:

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Final Fantasy 8 was originally a PlayStation exclusive when it was released nearly two decades ago, but it was later ported to the PC in 2000. The series' conventional overall plot of political intrigue, interspersed with magic, fascinating characters, and magnificent full-motion video scenes, if you want to use the terminology of the day, focuses on a heart-wrenching storyline of lost love. While Final Fantasy 7 is frequently recognized as the best game in the series (at least on the PlayStation), Final Fantasy 8 was acclaimed for expanding on the successes of its predecessor.

9. Resident Evil 2:

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Resident Evil 2 was praised because of its spectacular camera shots, horrific mood, and level design during its heyday. It introduced fans to Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who were both unknowns before their careers and families led them to Raccoon City as Umbrella's zombie virus spread from Resident Evil's house on the outskirts of town to the local population. The plot swiftly moves into the depths of the bizarre.

10. Half-Life 2:

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Half-Life 2 begins a few years after the end of Half-Life, with Gordon Freeman, the ever-silent protagonist, waking up and finding that the alien danger from the original game has won. Freeman joins the resistance, receives a slew of fun firearms to experiment with, and even meets a mechanical dog, Alyx Vance's pet.

Well, that is all for today, hope you enjoyed it and found a few classical video games to play on your PC!

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