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10 Million Individuals Streamed Games On Xbox Cloud Gaming, According To Satya Nadella

Newsroom Apr 27, 2022
More than 10 million users have streamed games on Xbox Cloud Gaming.
Many new games have arrived on the Xbox Game Pass.
Using Azure is helping small studios to develop their games.

According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, more than 10 million users have streamed games on Xbox Cloud Gaming to date as gaming becomes more widespread.

Subscribers have played billions of hours in the last year, a 45 percent increase, he said.

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Many of Xbox's most popular games, like Flight Simulator, are now available for the first time on phones, tablets, and minimal PCs.

During the company's March-quarter results call late on Tuesday, Nadella claimed that their Game Pass library now contains scores of games spanning PC and Xbox, including more games from third-party developers than before.

Using Azure, they're developing the greatest cloud for game studios large and small to develop, serve, and expand their titles with new capabilities, speed, and time to production, he added.

Revenue from Azure gaming has climbed by 66% so far this fiscal year.

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They have grabbed share globally for two consecutive quarters with their Xbox Series S and X systems, and they are the leading company this quarter among next-gen consoles in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Western Europe, stated Nadella.

This year, Microsoft plans to launch an Xbox Game Pass family plan.

According to reports, the family plan option will provide Xbox Game Pass access for five gamers at a lower cost than separate accounts.

For Rs. 499 each month, Microsoft provides the ultimate Xbox and PC Game Pass.

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