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Top 10 Best Game Streaming Platforms

Community Mar 31, 2022

Esports has transformed video games for children and game enthusiasts by introducing the live streaming option to them. Gaming and live streaming in high-definition video has drawn a large number of users to social media gamer sites. In the last several years, a slew of companies have established live streaming platforms. The idea of recording live events and sharing videos on channels has become popularized by major live streaming services. There are numerous platforms available on the internet, but choosing the best one requires careful consideration.

We are listing the top 10 streaming platforms that you are bound to enjoy!

1) YouTube Gaming:

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It is one of the most popular live game broadcasting sites. Because of its affiliations with Google AdSense, the site enables creators to earn a fair living.

Establishing a larger viewer base for the creator's channel is advantageous here, as the YouTube gaming site allows users to target certain populations solely. It supports videos with a 4K resolution at a frame rate of 60 frames per second. There are numerous transcoding options available to streamers. It aids users in staying organized because films and streams are much easier to handle.

2) Twitch:

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When we talk about live gaming services, we can't help but think about Twitch because the two are nearly synonymous. Video game live streaming has become popular after online retailer Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014. As a broadcaster, the platform has gained the majority of the gaming markets, making it harder to stand out on it. But as a spectator, it offers a wealth of content to engage and revel in.

Twitch streams' content is regularly consumed by billions of internet gamers. Twitch displays a variety of content that has high engagement and views, making it a popular platform for broadcasters of many ages and backgrounds.

3) Dlive:

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Live game broadcasting on the network is all about the ease of getting started, the availability of newer audiences, and the expansion of the live streaming sector. Pewdiepie has popularised this platform by emphasizing how efficient and quick Dlive is, which he would use to stream his material. The YouTube sensation collaborated with the channel and gathered donations in support of the creators. The platform encourages content development and saves time while creating game material.

4) Azubu:

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This platform is well-known for its well-organized high-quality content, which allows users to focus solely on their preferred game streams.

Developers are working on this site to expand its reach and extend its overall features. Azubu is gradually gaining popularity in the Esports area among both players and viewers. The content created on an Azubu channel is highly optimized and consistent. Top video game players like live game streaming sites such as Azubu for the thorough information, unique content, and ideas they have.

5) Hitbox:

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This platform includes all of the features that gamers look for in streaming services, but the color schemes and combinations are unique. The videos aired on the channels are divided into three categories: public, private, and adult. The platform is good in terms of the classification options it provides to users. It has an appealing and one-of-a-kind interface.

The site is free to use, but a high-performance computer is required for the best results. Hitbox supports video recording and streaming via built-in capture cards and external devices.

6) Gosu Gamers:

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This is the ideal location for newbie game streamers on live platforms. The Gosu players are well acquainted with newcomers to the Live streaming gamer community. It supports all commonly used file formats for creating high-quality video game clips. The site provides tremendous convenience to players for improved communication and interactions in the community, which will aid in the growth of the live game streaming platforms industry. Gosu players are visually appealing and solely focused on Esports.

7) Disco Melee:

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The platform is dealing with three layers streaming, gaming, and social media. It is well-known for empowering gamers in live game broadcasting on the platform and retrieving any support needed in-game content from a single location. Gamers can interact with one another in real-time inside the community. Disco Melee is well-known for combining online gaming, social media broadcasting, and information exchange.

8) InstaGib TV:

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The platform is self-contained and does not require the installation of any specific streaming software. Gamers can film high-quality videos and stream them on the platform. They can learn a variety of strategies for becoming excellent live game streamers.

InstaGib allows users to consume content up to a point before their bandwidth is capped. Users who want to surf ahead can do so by upgrading their accounts to VIP status. The platform is convenient and benefits game streamers who want to build a reputation as great game content providers.

9) Facebook Gaming:

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Facebook Gaming, like YouTube, is an extension of the core Facebook app. It was released in April 2020, making it one of the newest additions to the live stream gaming community.

Users can watch live and pre-recorded video broadcasts of game play on Facebook Gaming, as well as establish their fanbase and earn money through spectator support. The user's Facebook profile will be updated with the live streams.

10) Beam:

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This website has the slickest design for video streaming needs and operates as smoothly as butter during the surfing process. Every month, Beam attracts over 100,000 new and unique viewers, and its community is rapidly expanding. It works well on the iOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Android platforms.

On this site, everything is properly arranged. But, heavy video games have been noted to have a slight lag throughout the streaming process. It can even capture video in 4K resolution at a frame rate of 60 frames per second.

That's it for this list; I hope you find a platform that you'll love watching on.

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