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10 best exercises you can do while playing video games

Community Jul 4, 2022

Only passionate and professional gamers will get this, it takes a lot of intense concentration and dedicated consistency to level up your game for the long duration of game time. It isn’t that sport where a high-volume appraisal of “blood and sweat” is given, but definitely a field where you will see body aches, mobility issues, and hand adjustment issues quite frequently.

Having said that and also the fact that the schedule of an average gamer is pretty hectic on a regular basis, it mostly becomes difficult to daily dedicate a specific time to fix your mobility and hand adjustments after they take a toll of pressure from continuous gaming. You can also count on the laziness of a gamer to perform such exercises.

Wondering if there’s any way you can perform some minimal moments and stretching drills while taking a break from your gaming? We have got you here!

We’ll be sharing the 10 best exercises you can perform while playing video games and post this, there will really be no need to give a specific time to this later on in your day. So, let’s dive into it!

Seated scissors

The majority of these exercises must be performed while sitting, and they all ask for a straight back and a tight core (basically, suck your guts in without curving your back). From there, spread your legs out straight in front of you like a tabletop for a Virtual Boy to sit on. Then move them back and forth as if they were a pair of scissors. Do this during a cutscene or while the game is loading since it should need some effort to maintain the stance.

Ab squeezes

While isometric workouts won't do much for your cardiovascular system, they can gradually tighten and tone underused muscles, particularly in your core. An ab squeeze is a simple exercise you can perform while playing any kind of game. It entails sitting up straight (excellent posture is important while gaming for a lot of reasons), compressing your upper and lower stomach, holding the position, and then releasing. Squeezes should be moderate and controlled, not quick, for optimal outcomes.

Zombies, Run

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Although we are aware that you are not a dirty casual, there are a few smartphone apps that interestingly gamify fitness. Following the rising of the walking dead to chow down on brains, Zombies, Run places you in the well-worn footwear of a survivor. You run outside while listening to "missions" on your headphones, stepping up the pace when the undead are after you.

Completing these missions rewards you with resources that you may spend to bolster your base and access the game's additional features, so it's not just audio. This one has over a million downloads, so it must be doing fairly well.

Wall sit

Simply shifting your position while playing a game can activate muscles you weren't even aware you had. Get off the sofa and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, upper legs parallel to the floor, and knees over your ankles. Expect to only do this for a minute at a time because it works your quadriceps quite hard. The good news is that you'll be so concentrated on your game that you'll be able to tolerate the muscle strain by paying attention to it.

Arm extensions

They're wonderful for anything turn-based, but you have to do this one when the action on the screen isn't quite as hectic. Take your hands and place them at your knees once you've completed a cycle in Civilization or placed your orders in Xcom. Raise them to your shoulders, then in a T shape before lowering them to your sides.

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When you're finished, the AI should have concluded its thought process and you can move on to the next step.


These are excellent for strengthening your entire body and working your core, plus you can continue to watch TV while maintaining a straight neck. Come to a squat with your knees over your ankles and your butt back starting from a standing position. Bend forward and stretch your arms in front of you, keeping your spine as straight as you can. When performing exercises like these, pay close attention to your knees; if they begin to hurt, stop and take a break.

Controller figure eights

A DualShock or comparable wireless controller will work just as well as the cushion that you would normally use for this activity. Put your arms out in front of you while you sit while clutching the controller with a grip that is characteristic of gamers. Next, extend your legs in a straight line with the tips of a figure-eight motion on each of your hips as you move the controller.

Source: Jennifer K (Unsplash)
Source: Jennifer K (Unsplash)

You might not be able to do this for very long because it will really work your core. Release your legs so that your feet are on the ground if you experience lower back pain. That will cause the stretch to leave that region.


Virtual reality is transforming how we game, so it stands to reason that it will also transform how we work out. Owners of the HTC Vive have mentioned that the fast-paced action game HoloBall provides some really good aerobic exercises. The basic gameplay is straightforward: it's a Pong-like game that makes use of all four sides of the virtual environment and keeps you moving while you try to return shots. Although it won't work for any major muscle groups, this is a good cardio exercise. If you own a PSVR, it's also accessible on that system.

Missile Wars

Here is another smartphone game that combines pleasure with exercise. Missile Wars is all on fast sprints in contrast to Zombies, Run, which is built around extended periods of play. The online multiplayer game uses GPS to show the locations of other players on a map and lets you launch missiles at them. You only have 60 seconds to get out of the blast radius if you are the target. Game sessions involve frenetic rushes from location to location since the more people you enrage, the more probable it is that they will attack you in return.

Dance Dance Revolution

Although the rhythm action game from Konami isn't as well known as it once was, there are literally hundreds of testimonies from users who have used it to lose weight. There is literally no way to succeed in the game without working out because physical activity is so intimately correlated to your success or failure on each song. Except if you use a controller, which only the weirdest people would do. For the majority of last-generation consoles, you can easily and affordably purchase a DDR pad, and there are freeware options for PCs as well. However, I hope you don't have any downstairs neighbors.

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